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Kiev Women: Ultimate Guide

by James
Ukrainian women

I’m a Ukrainian guy and for the last five years, I’ve been living in Kiev and enjoying everything the city has to offer. As an Eastern European city, the city definitely has its disadvantages, the sheer number of beautiful women definitely isn’t it.

In this guide, I will teach you everything there’s to know about going out and meeting Ukrainian women.

The city rating

Before we continue, I want to give you some quick ratings so that you understand what the city is like and what you should expect.

These ratings are my own objective ratings on a scale of 1-5.

The beauty of the women: 4.5/5

The ease of meeting women: 4/5

The quickness of getting laid: 3/5


Kiev is located in Ukraine, which enjoys a continental climate with four seasons. In reality, however, there are only two basic seasons: the freezing winter and the scorching summer.

Thus, what you have is two basic periods: cold and hot weather. The cold season roughly lasts from late October to late April; while the hot season lasts the rest of the year, and peaks in July and August.

Tourist Attractions

Kiev is Ukraine’s political, economic and cultural capital. There are a lot of things to do.

There are tons of museums, theaters, parks and other attractions. There are also tons of coffee shops, restaurants, lounges, and a thumping nightlife.

Regardless of whether you’re visiting for just one day or staying for a year or two, you won’t get bored in Kiev.


Kiev is a mid-sized city so getting around the city is pretty easy and straightforward. As long as you’re not based on the outskirts, and not far away from Kreshyatik—the city’s main street—you won’t have much of a problem of getting from one part of the city to another.

Not only do you have a great metro system, an extensive network of buses, but there’s also Uber for you to use to get around.

Kiev city costs

Kiev is a relatively inexpensive city compared to similar cities outside Eastern Europe. A cup of coffee costs about 1 dollar or less, lunch can be had for 3-4 dollars, and dinner in a nice restaurant might set you back around 10 dollars.

Of course, for those with money to burn, you can find expensive restaurants in Kiev, but those on a budget won’t really be suffering too hard in Kiev. It’s a completely livable city if you don’t have money burning a hole in your pocket.

Language in Kiev – Russian or Ukrainian?

The official language in Ukraine is Ukrainian. All the government and official communication is done in Ukrainian only.

Having said that, about half of the country’s population speaks Russian fluently and uses the language at home.

In Kiev, I would say about 70% of the people speak Russian with the rest speaking Ukrainian. Of course, everyone would be able to understand either language, it’s just some people are more comfortable with one language over the other depending on the region they’re from.

If you’re looking to learn a new language, my recommendation would be to learn Russian because it’s a much more versatile language all over the former Soviet Union, and not only Ukraine.

Russian is also the preferring language in Kiev.

Ukrainian Girls in Kiev

Ukrainian women@ are easily one of the most feminine and beautiful women on this planet. They’re beautiful, feminine and know how to take care of their man.

While Ukrainian women vary across Ukraine both in personality as well as looks, I believe that the most beautiful women are actually in Kiev.

Kiev is the best place to meet women because you have a whole array of different women to choose from. There are the women who are from here originally, and then there are those who moved here from other cities in search of work and a better way of life.

Thus, just like in other countries, where the women—and people—are more cosmopolitan in the big capital cities, the same is true for Ukraine.

As someone who’s traveled all over Ukraine, I came to the conclusion that the women in Kiev are simply the best.

Online Game

There are many ways of meeting Ukrainian women, you can meet them on the street (more on that below), but one of the easiest ways is to meet them online.

While you can use your trusty Tinder which works in Ukraine, the best way to do so is via a traditional website. In Ukraine, Tinder is known for scammy women who’re looking for sponsors and just want to use you, but on a good traditional website, there are protections in place that help to filter that out.

One such website that we highly recommend here is Ukraine Date, the best online website for meeting women in Kiev. You can sign up for free and start meeting women right away.

Daygame in Ukraine’s Capital

If you’re not into meeting women online and prefer more of a face-to-face approach, you can certainly use daytime to meet women.

Women in Kiev aren’t used to guys approaching them out of the blue, so they will be pleasantly surprised when you approach them.

Keep your approaches short, talk to her for a bit, learn about her, and then ask for her number. Once you get her number, add her on Viber or Telegram and see when you can meet her up.

Do realize that it’s fairly come on for women to give out their numbers and then never be actually interested in setting up a date with you. That’s because there are a lot of the so-called attention whores in Ukraine who love attention but aren’t interested in actually meeting up.

Nightlife in Kiev

While I’ve already written an extensive guide to Kiev nightlife, it’s worth noting a few important things.

While Kiev has great nightlife, it’s nowhere at the level of the bigger cities like Moscow, New York or Miami. Most of the nightlife is concentrated in the center, not far from Maidan square, along Kreshyatik street, all the way leading the Lva Tolstoy square.

Near the Lva Tolstoy square, you’ll find various bars and lounges, some are well-known and some are hidden. Nevertheless, ask any local for a cool spot and they’ll be happy to point you to one.

Another cool area with lots of nice bars is the Podol (Podil) district. When I first arrived in Kiev, I used to spend a significant amount of time going out and exploring this area. Nowadays, I no longer live there, so I don’t have much time to explore Podol as I had hoped before.

Generally speaking, if you stick to the main center and downtown, you should have no problems finding a cool bar or lounge to hang out at. For more information and a complete list of clubs and bars, be sure to check out my guide to Kiev nightlife. You’ll love what you’ll find there.

More tips for meeting Kiev women at night

The three-day rule applies. Regardless of what you may have heard, Ukrainian women are still very traditional and even somewhat conservative. Unlike in America and the west, don’t expect to take her home the same night or even on the second date.

Don’t expect her to chase you. Unless you’ve built some sort of an attachment first, don’t expect the woman to pursue you in any way. While that does happen in the West, it’s very rare in Ukraine. Generally, women here have an abundance mentality because of so many guys who’re hitting on them, so expect to do all the courting initially until she’s built some kind of an attachment.

Men always pay. I know that I’m reiterating that I’ve written in my Ukrainian women dating guide@, Ukraine is a very patriarchal country where men always pay. It’s called courting and that’s what you do if you like the girl and want to prove your self worth to her.

Don’t chase women who play games. While a bit of game-playing as part of the courting process is needed, don’t concern yourself with women who play endless games and make you question your sanity. They’re not worth the time and effort. Just move on and find new women.

Closing thoughts

Kiev is easily one of my favorite cities not just in Ukraine, but also in Europe. It’s compact, scenic, friendly and super affordable without being too big or overbearing like neighboring Moscow.

In fact, as I write this from Kiev apartment, it’s hard to picture that there’s another city that ticks all the boxes for the livability that Kiev has.

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