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Romanian Women: #1 Most Voted Guide

by James
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First of all, I just want to say that I love Romanian women.
But a little backstory is in order. I’ve always found it funny that Romania was almost always grouped with other Eastern European countries. Maybe it’s geographically in Eastern Europe, but Romanian women look nothing like their “other” Eastern European counterparts.
They look very different from Ukrainian, Russian, Lithuanian and Latvian women. I can keep going on, but you get my point.
Romanian women can be described in one word: exotic. They are dark, sexy and beautiful.
I made two trips to Romania. My first time was spent exclusively in Bucharest. I stayed in the old city and spent my days (and nights) scouring the city for beautiful women.
The second time, I also flew directly into Bucharest but then traveled a bit around the country.
On that trip, I visited the Western part of the country, including such scenic cities such as Cluj-Napoca, Brasov, and Timisoara.
Visiting a wide range of Romanian cities gave me a complete picture of what Romanian women are like and how to most effectively seduce them.
Here’s everything I’ve learned about Romanian women from my extensive travels in Romania.

Romanian girls are super exotic

Look, I’m going to be straight up with you. We’ve all seen Slavic women. And, for the most part, they all look the same or very similar. They’re mostly light-skinned and have light hair.
Sure, some of them have some dark futures. Ukrainian women come to mind.
But, I always believed that if you see one Russian girl—you’ve seen them all.
I don’t know about you, but I can usually tell Slavic women from a mile away, regardless of they are Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian or something else.
Romanian women are different. Most of them have these dark features including dark hair, dark eyes, and a certain look.
In a way, they remind me of Brazilian women, but with Eastern European femininity.
So, if you’re tired of the typical “Slavic woman look” and are looking for something different, a more exotic look, you should seriously consider getting a Romanian girlfriend.

Romanian women are more difficult than Slavic women

First of all, it’s important to understand that Romania is not a Slavic country and the techniques that work with Slavic women don’t work with Romanian women.
Don’t understand the difference?
I hope you all know who are the Slavic women. These are Ukrainian, Russian, Belorussian, Czech and Polish women.
All the women from Slavic countries.
Romania’s official language is Romanian, a language closely related to other Latin/Romance languages and doesn’t have much to do with Slavic languages.
If you already speak languages such as Italian or Spanish, you will be able at least understand many words and even pick up the language relatively fast.
OK, so what does mean for picking up girls?
Well, since Romanian women are closer to Latin women than Slavic, that means they’re a lot harder to seduce.

Don’t rely on nightlife to meet women

All over Slavic countries, the nightlife is a fun way to meet women. Women go out, dance, drinks and hook up with other guys.
In Romania (at least in the cities I visited), the nightlife is a tough place to meet women.
There are two reasons for this. First of all, most outdoor bars in the summer are of the “sit down” type variety. So, what you usually see is groups of people (men and women) sitting together and having drinks and enjoying themselves.
Even if you see a cute girl at one of the tables, there’s just no way to approach her because you just don’t know if one of the men at her table is her boyfriend, her brother or a man she’d never seen before.
This is also similar to Serbian women as well as most Balkan countries (Croatia is the exception, but Croatian women are much more Westernized).
It’s also the case in many places in Latin America like Colombia.

Romanian guys will cockblock you at every step

In most of the Slavic world, guys have a relatively weak game and don’t care if you approach every single girl in the club (or the street).
Slavic guys are very relaxed and nonchalant.
That’s not the case in Romania. Romanian guys not only have a great game, but they’re also very territorial. They will not allow themselves to side-stepped by another Romanian guy, let alone some foreigner.
So, if you’re trying to approach a girl, be mindful of her male friends or even smoother players that will soon be circling you like a group of hungry sharks.
When I went out in Bucharest, I don’t remember a single time I had an opportunity to chat up with a woman without other guys coming near us and asking her a random question.
It was super annoying but is something you must learn to deal with.

Romanian women are very family-oriented

I guess Romanian women—still being Eastern European—are very family-oriented.
I would even venture to say that because Romania is a Balkan country, they’re somewhat more family-oriented than Russian or Estonian women.
I have a good share of male friends who went to Romania and met their future wives there. Several of them already have kids. Others are in a serious relationship and are considering having children soon.
Come to think of it, I can’t picture even one guy who went to Romania and came back empty-handed.
That’s a far cry from your typical American woman who values career and her Yoga sessions over any kind of long-term commitment and marriage.

Romanian women love drama more than other Eastern European women

I suppose that comes with the territory. The more south the culture, the more people seem to love dramas. I mean, look at Italians, the Spaniards, and even the Latin Americans.
I remember walking around a popular shopping center in Bucharest and seeing a young couple having a very heated argument. Although I couldn’t understand a word they were saying, it was probably something that the guy but the girl didn’t like.
Later that evening, I saw couples of arguing in a restaurant, in stores and even in a beautiful cafe.
That night I returned to my Airbnb$ and heard noise coming from upstairs. It appeared another couple was arguing over something.
Now, of course, the fact that I saw many couples arguing isn’t a representative of the entire population. I mean, who knows, maybe I just happened to stumble upon unhappy couples.
But, even in my case, the girl I dated seemed to throw a tantrum every time she didn’t get what she wanted. And every little argument just so happened to grow into something deeper—until we made up and had great sex.
Are Romanian women more temperamental than their Slavic counterparts? I think so.
But, you’ll just have to go over there and see for yourself.

Final thoughts

As I explained above, I think the best thing about Romanian women is the exotic factor. They look Latin but still have that Eastern European flair.
And, they also make great wives and life partners.
If that sounds like something that you’re looking for in a woman, then, by all means, catch the next flight to Romania and find a woman that’ll make you happy.

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