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The Hunt For А High Quality Ukrainian Woman

I have fucked a lot of women here in Ukraine. Lots and lots. Much more than in all of Latin America combined. On some weeks, I went on a new date every single day, on some days, I even had multiple dates. As a result of so much practice, I learned to quickly figure out which women were worth pursuing and which weren’t. That enabled me to save time by rejecting women in the first few minutes of meeting them.

I easily built a rotation of women where I had anywhere from 3-4 women coming to my house during various days of the week for some quality R&R. Many of them even cooked for me and brought their own wine. The reason it usually topped at four women was because having more per week was unsustainable; I still reserved other days for dates with new prospects and, of course, the mandatory work nights since I’m the most productive when the sun goes down.

Many of these women ranged from downright gorgeous to average, to everywhere in between. A noticeable amount of them were of such high caliber that I simply couldn’t fathom having a shot at them had I met them in a place like NYC or London where the competition would be so much fiercer, but I digress.

Most of the women were fine trading sex for sex, but a few hinted at something more. One of the girls in my rotation wanted me to go with her on a trip to a historical Ukrainian city. Another one hinted about driving up to Belarus. Yet, another one invited me to Hungary for a few days. 

For the most part, I declined, preferring to use them for sex only, but a few times I took various trips with select women to various places. 

Out of all the women that I slept with, I can count on only one hand with how many of those women I tried to build something more serious. All of those relationships failed, some spectacularly more than others, but failed miserably.

One of the girls was sexy and attractive, but also very demanding with a feeling of entitlement. It took a couple of years of constant breaking up and getting back together to realize that the person I’m dealing with is seriously toxic and nothing good could ever come out of that relationship. Another girl was slightly better, but the result was the same. No matter how much I tried to make things work between us (silly me), she refused to fully submit to me and instead preferred to do things her own way, annoying me in the process. The other attempts were no better, and I quickly ghosted these women after few months after realizing that I’m just wasting my time.

Having casual sex with women with no strings attached is easy, building relationships and living with women is much, much harder. (In fact, having lived with several women for few years, I only recommend doing so when you’re 100% into the girl and vice versa, not because of guaranteed sex and things like that. In many cases, living with a woman limits a man and puts him at a steep disadvantage.)

And it’s when you try to build a relationship with a woman that the words “quality” and “woman” form an important part of your vocabulary and thought process. In fact, for the past several months, I’ve been spending lots of time obsessing over what a quality woman truly is.

The quality woman

In 2011, I met my future serious girlfriend in a bar in Copenhagen. She was 21 and I was 31. A year later, we moved in together and ended up living for about 2-3 years both in Denmark and Lithuania (her native country). She was the kind of girl that I felt absolutely comfortable with. One of the hallmarks of our relationship is when I came back home and felt that all my worries immediately disappear. It was all thanks to her “nurturing” personality. 

She was also one of the few girls in my life that I truly loved, even unconditionally and trusted her 100%, something I can’t say was even remotely the case with the women I’ve been seeing recently.

(In retrospect, I probably should’ve married her.)

At that time, I didn’t even know she was a “quality woman.” She was simply someone with whom I enjoyed spending time with and didn’t hesitate to do nice things for. There was not a single red flag ever. The reason I didn’t attach that label to her was because I didn’t date anyone else and, so, didn’t have much of a point of reference. I just happened to be with someone whom I enjoyed spending time with.

In Ukraine, all of that changed. I began dating and sleeping with so many women that I couldn’t help but to obsess about the characteristics of what makes a woman quality simply because the women I was dating lacked those qualities in one way or another.

Every single woman I dated had a particular flaw that made her a bad fit for a relationship. It was almost like every single one was perfect for random sex but completely unsuitable for an exclusive relationship in a traditional patriarchal sense. Everything that made them fun to be around and enjoy made them poor options when it came to operating as a unit and things like pair bonding.

But, yet, even with all of those hints, I still couldn’t pinpoint what exactly makes for a quality woman. What did this “quality woman” have that the women I was dating didn’t?

A trip to Western Ukraine

It wasn’t until I took a train from the capital, Kiev, to Western Ukraine that I got my first hint of a quality Ukrainian woman. My girl and I were sharing a sleeping cabin with another young couple, probably in their 20s or early 30s. The guy was your regular guy, but the girl was different. Something was different about her from pretty much all the other girls I dated.

First, she was calm and relaxed. She didn’t exhibit the behavior of someone who was seeking attention. She was also not wearing any makeup and her nails weren’t painted. Second, she was reading a book, something that I didn’t notice any of the girls I had been dating ever do. There was also a way that she looked at her boyfriend or husband, with a certain admiration and respect in her eyes, instead of validation or hunger for attention that was much more common of the women I’ve dated.

In fact, the entire time, she may have looked at me only once, preferring to calmly read her book or look fondly at her man. 

Although I didn’t know her personally, this seemed like a girl who was emotionally stable and predictable. Later, I noticed a ring on her finger proving that she was indeed married to her man.

After spending a week exploring Western Ukraine, we boarded a train back to Kiev. And, as fate would have it, we were sitting next to another couple, a young German couple this time. Once again, the girl was quiet, respectful, relaxed, and looking at her man in a respectful and loving way. Seeing another “quality” girl on our way back must’ve been a sign that I need to be more choosy of my women.

I couldn’t put my finger on it, but both of these women just shouted “quality” and not “attention whore.” Physically speaking, they weren’t as attractive as the majority of the girls I’ve been dating in Kiev (or even as attractive as the girl I was with), but they both had this “nurturing” personality traits that immediately wanted me to turn these women into mothers of my future children. My first reaction wasn’t to have wild sex with them but to actually build a quality relationship and create some children in the process.

The quality wife

When modern men say that they can’t find a quality wife, my response is that they’re looking in all the wrong places. I have seen many of these quality wives in Western Ukraine. One of the biggest differences in Western Ukraine as compared to Kiev was the number of families that I’ve seen around walking and about the city. Many of these parents were very young. I would see a young couple enter a restaurant, probably in their early 30s, and then be followed by a couple of children who were maybe 5-7 years old. Often times, I would notice a single woman shopping and think to myself that she seems like a nice woman to build a family with only to see her joined by her husband and one or two kids a few minutes later.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who realized that.

During the day we visited the water parks with hot thermal baths that are supposed to be good and rejuvenating for you. It was mostly filled with older couples and families, but there were young couples as well. And, once again, the women followed their men around loyally, helped them out, stood next to them and longly waited for them to return whenever they temporarily walked off to do something outside.

I will say that the women I’ve seen that these men were with weren’t nearly as hot or gorgeous as the women that I’ve dated in Kiev, but, man, did they seem loyal to their men. If you ask me, I would rather be with a loyal woman who’s a 7 or 8 (on a 1-10 scale) than some 9 or 10 that will cheat on me at the drop of a hat. It’s all about priorities. 

After all, like the old adage goes: there are two kinds of women, those you fuck and those you marry. Often times, the two types differ quite dramatically. 

She’s either a slut or she isn’t

One of my friends used to say that a girl is either a slut or she isn’t. For a long time, I couldn’t quite agree with this and thought that things aren’t exactly as a black and white and that there’s some middle ground, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized the trueness of this statement. Indeed, a girl is either a slut or she isn’t.

One of the hallmarks of a slut is that she’s a woman you just want to fuck right then and there. You get a raging hardon just by looking at her. You want to tear off her clothes and own her soul right there. You imagine how great she’ll be in bed. Typically, it’s because she has an instant sexual vibe and emits this sexual energy that draws in preselected men who’ve already fucked a good share of sluts. On the other hand, a girl who’s wholesome, nice and nurturing doesn’t emit this sexual energy and, is thus, much less likely to cheat and is more suitable for a more serious and committed relationship.

Not all women are sluts, just like not all men are alpha males who use women for sex and discard them. As my other friend likes to say, “There are levels to this shit.” Of course, there’s this notion that every girl would fuck an alpha male like Leonardo DiCaprio if she had a chance, but where the fuck would my future wife from some small Ukrainian village find a Leonardo to fuck, especially if she’s super nurturing and doesn’t give off a strong sexual vibe?

Yes, there are levels to this shit. Not all women are the same. Not all women are sluts. Not all women are forever playing in the sexual marketplace because their vagina tingles at the sight of the ever-so-better alpha male. Some women are actually from semi-decent families with semi-decent father figures who’ve actually spent time with their daughters and taught them a think or two about men. They don’t have problems experiencing more genuine love (whatever that means) instead of validation and attention whoring.

Yesterday, I met up with a good friend for a game of billiards. Much like I am, he’s player and a tinder addict who’s constantly juggling several women at once. I haven’t seen him for a week or two and had already lost track of the women he’s dating. (He surprised me by admitting to me that he’s been seeing a nice girl for more than a week.)

We began talking about women. And, then, all of a sudden it hit me. The reason we can’t figure out who’s a quality girl and who isn’t is because every girl I’ve dated and he has dated is a slut. Every single one of them. Every single girl that I’ve dated in Ukraine was a slut. All of them. The overwhelming majority of the women he dated were sluts. The problem is that we’re looking in all the wrong places and the quality women like the two women I’ve seen on the trains just aren’t accessible to us. 

Many of these quality women are snapped up young. It’s not uncommon for men to marry women in their early 20s. At that age, she would typically have zero to very little sexual experience. At that age, she’s still lively and vibrant and, unlike, a 30+-year-old woman, she isn’t jaded with multiple failures and endless pump and dump relationships.

On the other hand, the women I’m dating are in their late 20s or early 30s and are still riding the cock carousel for one reason or another. They’re nowhere near relationship-ready or even relationship material. They’re out and about, showcasing themselves on the sexual marketplace, having casual sex and enjoying life. For many of these women, the very last thing they need is a relationship. In fact, for many of them, the concept of a relationship is a foreign concept all in itself.

That’s why when you meet a 30+-year-old woman in Ukraine who’s still single, instant alarm bells should go off. Especially if she’s over 33+ or 35+. Especially if she’s cute and feminine, there’s probably a good reason why an entire brigade of guys decided to pass her over and not put a ring on her finger. And, no, it’s not just you who thinks there’s something that just ain’t right with her.

A quality woman sees a man as a safe harbor, a cement wall who will give her peace and stability, as a necessary element of her life, and also as someone to build a family with. A low-quality woman will see a man for what he can provide: money, resources, attention, sex, etc. The former views the man as a whole, as an important asset and commodity; the latter view him as a bunch of compartments that she can leverage for her own gain.

A quality woman submits to her man and views him as an integral part of her life. A low-quality woman pretends to submit to a man in an effort to extract a particular favor. She never views a man as an integral part of her life.

And, so, to find a quality woman: you have to essentially filter out the women that emit a very strong sexual vibe. Instead, these quality women will be the women who won’t give you an instant erection, women who won’t raise your sexual market value in the eyes of other women and women with whom sex won’t be nearly as exciting. In other words, you must seek the plain women who are even boring in many ways. This is exactly the woman you want for a relationship.

The good news is that there are plenty of them in countries like Ukraine—if only I could take my own advice and begin looking in the right places.

Why Ukrainian Men Have Better Game Than American Men

After living abroad for many years, specifically in countries like Brazil, Colombia, Russia and Ukraine (and others), you can always tell an American guy apart from everyone else. He just stands out like a sore thumb.

Yes, there are the typical visual hints: the goofy clothes, an oversized t-shirt or a non-fitted shirt, the Nike or New Balance running shoes and the baggy jeans.

But even if you look past their lack of fashion sense, there’s another factor that immediately makes them stand out: their neck. It’s always moving around, busily scanning everything around them, the buildings, the sights, and—especially the women. Yes, the women.

Last week, I met an American guy at my gym. It was his first time there. I introduced myself and after five minutes of small talk, he immediately began talking about the women in the gym. (There were about 20 people in the gym, half men and half women.)

While I’ve talked before how Ukrainian women are extremely sexy and feminine, most of the Ukrainian guys present were completely oblivious to the women present, preferring to focus on their own exercises. However, the American guy felt like a kid in the candy store.

Ukrainian men are strange. Many say they’re the luckiest men in the world and even spoiled, constantly surrounded by gorgeous women, but they simply don’t care. I don’t know of any Ukrainian “PUA’s,” and I certainly have never seen of some Ukrainian guy running after a Ukrainian woman so he can approach her like some American PUA busily approaching women on the streets of NYC.

For many years, I wondered why that is. Do Ukrainian men know something that American men don’t? Or are they just shy and unwilling to face rejection? Or is it something else?

But then it hit me: the problem isn’t Ukrainian men; the problem is with American men. American men are the problem. They are the problem for constantly chasing women, putting them on the pedestal, making them feel special as though they’re made of gold because they happen to be women (or because they saw some protagonist do that in a Hollywood movie.)

This becomes super obvious whenever I return to the US and my old hometown of New York. Everywhere I go, all I see are thirsty guys to the point that I can’t even imagine grabbing a bunch of guys and enjoying a quiet evening in a bar or a nice restaurant: they will be busy scanning the room every time an attractive woman enters.

On the other hand, Ukrainian (and Russian, and pretty much all Eastern Europeans) are simply indifferent to the attractive women around them. They’re surrounded by ultra-feminine women all day, every day, but they’re going about business, it’s almost like these women don’t exist. Of course, they have game and know how to seduce their own kind, but there’s a place and time for that.

The problem with American men—and, really, all Western men—is that they give too much validation to women. A typical Ukrainian guy values his time and attention with any woman, whether it’s a new woman, his lover or his wife. Most of the time he’s busy on his purpose (e.g., building a business), spending time with his friends or enjoying his time alone. But a typical American guy worships the woman. He does what she asks, and gives her an unlimited time and attention. Sure, he (hopefully) receives sex in exchange, but no pussy in the world is worth a man’s unlimited attention—attention that is almost worth nothing.

Women, obviously, love this attention since it’s their main currency that they crave and receive from the environment. The more attention you provide to the woman, the more she realizes that you have nothing else going on in your life and the more her respect for you drops. No woman wants a man who’s entirely smitten by her and has lost sight of everything else. Ultimately, validation to a woman is like sex to a man.

There are direct and indirect forms of validation. An example of direct validation would be complimenting a woman. An indirect form of validation is spending time with a woman. That is why when you compliment and spend lots of time with a woman (not including sex) you’re basically transmitting that this particular woman is so important in your life that everything else—including your mission and purpose and even your male friends—takes a backseat.

A high-value man would never do that. He’s too busy building his empire and slaying the dragons to spend an unlimited time with his woman (never mind a random fling). He rations his time while always providing masculine support and backbone as part of the relationship. Ukrainian men typically don’t provide unlimited time and attention, but American men think that’s what all women want. The problem is that once they’ve received this validation from a man, they’ve conquered that man and are already busy seeking their new target (or at least have lost a massive amount of sexual attraction).

Validation is what women crave, and when you ration it, you keep a woman chasing you and, therefore, attracted to you.

But the problem isn’t validation all by itself, the problem is that Americans (and Canadians, Australians, British, etc) are living in a feminized universe where masculinity and, consequently, male/female relationships is dictated by Hollywood movies and other propaganda and not by biology and evolution.

That’s why as a Western man, you need a bit of reprogramming. Some call this “red pill,” but I simply call it for what it is, incorrect understanding of how the world really works. Hell, Ukraine and Russia are pretty much as red pill as they come, and, after over 5 years of seducing and building relationships with ultra feminine but also ultra cutthroat women has certainly taught me a thing or two about masculinity, dating, and what women really want.

Colombian Cupid: Should You Join? An Honest And Legit Review [August 2019]

If you’re looking for an honest and legit review of Colombian Cupid, you definitely have come to the right place. In this review, I will talk about what Colombian Cupid is, how it works, and what’s the strategy to get the absolute best use of the site. All of this is based on my own experience of having lived about a year in Colombia via multiple trips.

Colombian Cupid is part of the Cupid Media family of niche sites consisting of such sites as Russian Cupid, Brazilian Cupid, Thai Cupid, and many others. Cupid Media is a reputable company that’s been around since 2000. They’re constantly praised for their transparency and ease of use.


Let’s beat around the bush: Colombian women are special not just in Latin America, but around the world. Everyone has heard about Colombian women and people can’t praise them enough.

What makes Colombian women so special? As someone who has spent more than a year traveling and living all over Colombia (Medellin was great), Colombian women have the amazing combination of both being sexy and very family-oriented. A Colombian girlfriend is someone you can take out to a nice dinner and dancing and is also someone with whom you can build a great family. 

Moreover, Colombia is a very diverse country so whether you like your women fair skinned, a little darker, or even black, you can find it in Colombia. Regardless, what you want, the Colombian woman you meet will be caring, nurturing and someone you can have fun with a night out on the town or a girlfriend or even your future wife.

However, even with all the praise that Colombian women receive around the world, there are certain gotchas that you must familiarize with if you want to have an absolute best experience. Most of those gotchas will be covered in a section called “red flags,” and that is why online dating is a great method to meet these women.

When you meet women online, you have a buffer where you can first get to know the woman and figure out what she’s all about. If you sense that something isn’t right and is she’s not genuinely interested in you, can simply stop talking to her and continue talking to other women. Plus, provided that you’re meeting these women on a reputable dating site, you can have at least some peace of mind that the woman you’re getting with is interested in you and not your wallet.

I also know what you’re thinking: just use Tinder. Well, I’m here to tell you that the women on Tinder are usually of low quality and make poor girlfriend and relationship material. You’re much better off using a reputable dating site (such as Colombia Cupid) to meet these women.

How it works

Colombian Cupid works like any other dating site. When you register, you fill out the profile. There are two parts to the profile: your description and characteristics and the kind of women you’re looking for. For instance, when filling out your profile, you specify the usual things such as your age, what you look like and write a little description about yourself.

Then, the second part of the registration is where you actually zero down on the type of woman you like. In the search form, you specify things like age range, the type of woman you want and other parameters. 

Once you fill out the familiar form, you click search and you’re presented with a list of available women that you can choose from. Once you find the woman you like, you contact her with a simple message, wait for a reply and initiate the conversation.

Colombian Cupid is a paid site. In order to use the advanced features, you need to pay for a specific membership tier. There are two tiers available: gold and platinum. Gold allows you to chat with the ladies as well as send and receive messages. Platinum gives all the perks of a Gold membership plus a bunch of awesome perks such as rank above all other members, advanced matching and many others.

The main reason to pay for one of the higher tier membership is that it allows you to really exploit the available members on the site and find/contact pretty much any kind of woman you want. 

After all, what’s the point of using an amazing membership site when you can’t contact all the women that you want? That’s why signing up for paid membership is so crucial. Don’t worry, it will pay back when you go out with the woman of your dreams soon enough.

Furthermore, the best deal is to sign up for one of the longer tier plans such as the 6-month and 12-month plans. That way you will pay a fraction per month or per day over when you register for something like one month. I personally recommend signing up for 12-months if you’re serious about meeting quality Colombian women.

Tips & tricks for getting the most out it

In this section, we’re going to discuss the blueprint for making the very best of Colombian Cupid.

Be Presentable 

Everything starts with your profile. Let’s talk about the first thing that catches a woman’s attention: pictures. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, your profile picture is the first thing that catches a woman’s attention. In fact, it’s the first thing that establishes chemistry and sexual attraction. If you have a good picture, a woman will be interested; if you have a crappy picture, she might pass you over for a guy with a better picture.

The best profile pictures are neutral. That means to have a slight smile, a nice background, and a friendly gesture. The best backgrounds are typically that of a nice white sand beach with some beautiful light blue ocean waves. Failing that, any kind of iconic background would work. Maybe a cool skyscraper, a bridge or nice mural on the wall.

Next comes the description. The profile picture hooks a woman, but the description keeps her interested. Even if she’s not completely hooked by your profile picture, she may learn more about you, your interests and what kind of women you like and realize that you’re an interesting person and begin to like you.

Keep your description short and to the point. Making it witty helps, too. What you don’t want to do is write a 5,000-word manuscript as though you’re pitching your book idea to an editor. No woman is going to waste time reading a long description of someone.

Get those two elements fixed and you have an excellent profile that attracts amazing women.

Make it known that you will visit Colombia soon

One of the advantages of online dating is that you don’t need to physically be in the country. So, you can potentially be sitting in your living room in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or London and be messaging women in Bogota, Medellin or Cartagena.

Women also understand this. Since they speak to lots of guys on these online dating sites, they inherently know that many of these guys are living in their home countries and have little to no intention of visiting Colombia and actually meeting them. 

Which is why it’s very important to let the woman that you’re chatting with that you do intend on visiting Colombia and plan on doing it very soon. That will set you apart from other guys make you a serious contender in the woman’s eyes. From that point on, she’ll be more invested in the relationship and will make serious plans to see when you arrive.

Filter out quality women early on

While there are lots of quality women, there are also plenty of women who’re looking to screw you over or, at least, use you a wallet and nothing else. Fortunately, when you know what to look for you can figure out exactly what kind of woman you’re dealing with. 

When chatting with a woman on an online dating site such as Colombian Cupid, pay close attention to what she’s saying. Does she ask you questions about what kind of job you have? Or what kind of car you drive? Or what’s like in the USA (or whichever country you’re from)? Is she trying to gauge how much money you make?

The worst one is if she directly asks you for money online, even without meeting you. These are the kinds of women you want to stay clear off. A quality girl would never ask you any of these questions and definitely would never ask you to give her money directly. Cut these women out of your life and never look back.

The master game plan

If you want to be successful with anything, it’s important to have a plan, a strategy to execute things in a way that will yield you with the best returns. Thankfully with online dating and sites like Colombian Cupid, meeting and seducing women works to your advantage.

Here’s a great strategy that will help you meet the maximum amount of women as possible in the shortest amount of time.

1) Plan your trip to Colombia and begin talking to girls up to a few months in advance (up to a month in advance works best)

2) Message 5-10 women with a simple “Hello, how are you?” or “Hola, Que tal?” 

3) Feel the women’s reaction. If they take too long to respond and are genuinely not really interested, don’t invest more time into the interaction and focus on the women who respond quickly and rapidly. 

4) After they respond to your initial message, ask them if they speak English. (If you’re fluent in Spanish, you can skip this step and continue the interaction in Spanish)

5) After a few message exchanges and when you feel the woman is excited about talking to you, take the interaction off the site by requesting her WhatsApp (used by everyone in Colombia). The reason for switching communication platforms is because it requires a higher level of investment from the woman to hand out her number. Some women won’t do that because they’re not serious about meeting you. That’s fine. You can filter those women out.

6) Continue chatting with her on WhatsApp from time to time until you arrive in Colombia.

7) Once you arrive, ask her out to a decent restaurant or just meet her at some park and go from there.

In my experience, this is the best way to meet women—but not just any women, women that are actually interested in meeting you in person instead of just wasting your time.

This strategy has worked exceptionally well for me in Colombia and also has worked very well for many of my friends who took trips to the country. A couple of my close friends ended up meeting their future wives this way.

Always gauge the woman’s interest level when you’re initially getting to know her. Does she promptly respond to your messages? Does ask you questions about your life? Is she excited about you coming to visit her? 

All of these are things that you should always be paying attention while you’re talking to her. A woman may play games and just string you along without intention of meeting you, but if you listen to her words carefully, you will get good at filtering out the women that have zero interest in you whatsoever.

Final thoughts

There’s nothing easier than meeting women online. When you meet women online, you avoid things like rejection and all the other uncomfortable feelings. After all, we’re in the 21st century and have a technology called the Internet. So why not use it? 

Moreover, you can do that all from the comfort of your own couch in Los Angeles, New York or Cape Town. Then, when you arrive, you don’t need to start from scratch and instead have a whole array of women that are dying to meet you. It honestly doesn’t get simpler than this.

Having said all that, it’s important to keep in mind that women exist in all stripes and sizes. There are good women and there are bad women. The purpose of this guide is to help you meet the most amount of Colombian women in a short amount of time. Hopefully, it has fulfilled its purpose.

Don’t delay—start meeting Colombian women here.

Vietnamese Women: The Hard Truth They Don’t Want You To Know

Vietnam has always been one country that was always on my travel bucket list. My numerous trips to Thailand took me one step closer to Vietnam. In fact, the country’s proximity to Thailand would’ve made it the perfect getaway for a quick visa run.

This Southeast Asian country seemingly has it all: beautiful beaches, low cost of living and, and last but definitely not least, beautiful women. 

Since I haven’t been to Vietnam, I’ve asked my friend Roberto to write about his experiences in the country. I met Roberto back in 2015 while he was on a short trip to Kiev, Ukraine. Roberto is originally from Mexico but has been living in Vietnam for over four years. For as long as I’ve known Roberto, he’s always had a thing for Asian women, and after dating lots of women for a long time, he finally settled down with a Vietnamese girlfriend.

Roberto, why don’t you tell us about Vietnamese women.


I love Vietnam. Although I’ve spent a good amount of time in Thailand, I realized that Thailand is rapidly becoming Westernized—plus Thailand has been making it really hard for foreigners to stay long term—so I decided to explore another Southeastern country: Vietnam.

Vietnam is very similar to Thailand. It’s the same tropical climate, the same hustle, and bustle, the same great food (different but still great). 

But there are crucial differences as well. First of all, I’d say that Vietnam (especially the northern part) is closer to China in mentality than to its Southeast Asian counterparts. Vietnamese women (more on that soon) are more conservative than Thai women. Thailand is a more developed country than Vietnam and, as an English speaker, you’ll have an easier time in the former than in the latter.

Vietnam also has a reputation for more scams than other countries in the region. Everyone out there has known someone that was somehow ripped off in Vietnam (you’d probably get ripped off, too, James [chuckles]). Moreover, in Asia, when you’re ripped off, it’s never violent or anything. It’s usually something very innocent, that you even don’t realize until you get home or the very next day.

The women

Vietnamese women are very traditional and conservative. Of course, there are exceptions, but I’m speaking in a general sense here. I feel they’re closer in mentality to Chinese women (especially in the Northern part, in the city of Hanoi). 

Vietnamese women are some of the most traditional and family-oriented of all Southeast Asian women. Even more so than Thai women. Whereas Thai women are quickly going the way of Western women (especially in Bangkok), Vietnamese women have retained their traditional characteristics and charm.

Most people believe that it’s the Eastern European women that are traditional, but after spending a year living in Ukraine, Vietnamese women are traditional on a completely another level. (My experience has shown that Ukrainian women are actually far from conservative that people make them out to be, but that’s for another article.)

Are Vietnamese the most traditional in the world? I would say so, but I haven’t been to China yet to compare them with what I view as mega traditional Chinese women.

The ultimate marriage material

The ultimate goal for the majority of Vietnamese women is marriage. All good Vietnamese women are looking into getting serious relationships where the end goal is marriage and kids.

That’s also why relationships move extremely fast in Vietnam. You meet a girl, enter a relationship, and, before you know it, you’re married with a kid or two. Just kidding (but not really).

My personal experience mirrors this. I would meet a girl, go on a few dates with her, build attraction, and right after we have sex, she’d feel that we’re now exclusive and start acting like my girlfriend. All of this usually happened so quickly that I barely had a chance to reflect what had actually happened.

This is obviously very different from how American and other Western women act. To an average American woman, sex means almost nothing, so it takes a lot more than mere sex to get her interested in you. That’s because of a typical Western woman, sex is a regular act as breathing. It takes a lot more to get a girl attached to you than just having sex.

In a sense, an average Vietnamese woman is like what an American woman was fifty years ago or so. It’s like traveling back in time.

Vietnamese and Filipino women

When I initially moved to Vietnam, I couldn’t help to compare Vietnamese women to the women in the Philippines, a country where I spent about a year before that.

There are a lot of similarities between Vietnamese and Filipino women (and also Indonesian women). Both are very sexy. Both are looking for a husband. And both can be very cunning and manipulative in order to get what they want. The main difference comes down to your taste of women and the country itself. I personally didn’t like the Philippines too much (I thought it was a shithole) and find Vietnam much more hospitable for a good quality of life.

Having said that, I do believe that Filipino women are a tad sexier than Vietnamese women, but only just that—a tad. Both are great options, so you shouldn’t be disappointed with either one.

Family connections

When you marry a Vietnamese woman, you marry her entire family. That’s just how it is. That means many things such as more responsibility, connections and even possibly unexpected financial obligations.

One of the sticking topics, when it comes marrying a local woman for Westerners, is that they’re automatically perceived as having lots of money so the family might pressure your new wife for some financial “help.” In order to avoid this problem, make sure you marry a woman from a good family instead of a woman whose family doesn’t have much money and sees you like an unlimited ATM account.

On the other hand, family connections can be one of your biggest assets. They can help you with things that you otherwise couldn’t do yourself, especially in a country like Vietnam where it really helps to know locals that you can trust. So, like nothing, there are various pros and cons to this arrangement.

The dating game plan

Dating in Vietnam isn’t much different from the rest of the world. The following is my game plan when dating Vietnamese women.

For the first date, I like to keep super simple. A coffee house. A fun bar. Maybe even a walk. Something like that. What I don’t like to do is invite a girl over to a full-blown restaurant and then see her order the most expensive items on the menu. 

Yes, this has happened to me a couple of times. So, by inviting her to a basic coffee shop or a bar, I instantly filter out all the gold diggers (more on that later) and only deal with women who’re interested in meeting a new man in their life.

For the second date, I like to do something similar, maybe see a movie or something or just go for a long walk so that the woman gets more comfortable with me. I view these dates as nothing more than tools to build comfort. 

Then, for the third date, I like to invite a girl over my pad to watch some Netflix and hang out. Maybe drink some wine (or whatever else the girl likes). Once we’re on the couch, I make my move and go for the kill.

While I’ve gotten pushbacks and rejections every now and then, this strategy has been solid and has worked really well. 

A quick tip: don’t bring up the topic of sex early on in the interaction. This is not America where you can talk about sex in the first ten minutes of meeting a girl. A Vietnamese girl can be easily turned off with your aggressiveness and stop answering your messages. This has happened to me when I first arrived in the country, but now I know better.

Other than that, just apply standard game and you should be all good.

Warning signs and red flags

While Vietnamese women are super feminine and affectionate, not all of them have your best interests in mind. Remember, Vietnam is a country of scams, more so than other Southeast Asian countries, so it naturally helps to keep your guard up when dealing with these women.

If a woman mentions the topic of money, especially in the initial stages of dating, take it as a huge red flag. Such women are most likely after your wallet and other resources and aren’t interested in you as a person, regardless of what they say. Ignore such women and move on.

If a woman is ready to have sex with you upon meeting you and doesn’t hesitate to come back to your place (or hotel) after the first date, realize that she’s probably has done it before. Whether that makes her suitable for a long-term relationship or even marriage is really up to you.

Other red flags are if a woman broaches the topic of sex first. As typical Vietnamese women typically don’t talk about sex right away, this is another red flag. Also, watch out for the usual signs: if she smokes, has tattoos, there’s tension in the family, etc. 

But all of these flags are just that: flags. Ultimately, you have to trust your gut and decide if it’s someone with whom you can have a great time or someone with whom you can build a family with. Nobody else can make that decision for you except yourself.

Where to meet Vietnamese women 

Vietnamese women are everywhere. Unlike in America, they’re not really used to be approached by random guys, so if you decide to do that, you will have a certain advantage over the other guys. You can approach them in malls, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. Anytime a girl catches your eye, don’t hesitate to approach her and say hi.

Out of all the times that I’ve approached women, I’ve never had a situation where I was outright rejected and made fun of. So, don’t worry about being labeled as “creep” or anything like that. That won’t happen. The worst that might happen is that a woman will politely decline your approach. In that case, you can just approach a new woman. In the end, it’s all a numbers game, anyway.

Nightlife in Vietnam is definitely happening but, because, the list of bars and clubs changes rapidly. You should get the latest data when you get on the ground. 

One way to show a Vietnamese girl a good time would be to take her out for karaoke. Karaoke is big in Vietnam and chances are your girl has been doing it for a long time. Thus, she would absolutely be open and excited to go.

How to meet Vietnamese women online

A much better way to meet Vietnamese women would be online. Not only are the women of a higher caliber, but you can start meeting them while you’re still sitting on your couch in your apartment whether you’re in LA, NYC, London or somewhere else. That’s called pipelining and is really a solid way to build up a list of women to meet so that you don’t waste much time when you arrive in the country.

There’s definitely no shortage of online sites to meet women. First, we have the infamous Tinder where you can swipe left or right, depending on whether you’re interested or not interested in the woman. Tinder works well, but there’s one problem: the women on it are mostly low quality who’s not really suitable for long term relationships.

A much better online dating site for meeting women is Vietnam Cupid. It’s a site that I personally used when I first arrived in Vietnam and helped me land my first quality girlfriend. Compared to Tinder, the women you meet on Vietnam Cupid are of much higher quality than you’ll find pretty much elsewhere. I highly recommend this site to every man who wants to meet Vietnamese women.

Final thoughts

Well, that was longer than I expected. Thankfully, you don’t need much to get started. All you need to do is get on one of these dating sites, start chatting with women and then book your trip to Vietnam.

Now, it’s your turn.

Ukraine Date Review: Should You Join? [Aug 2019 Update]

If what you’re after is an honest and legitimate review of Ukraine Date, then look no further. In this guide, I will discuss the overall experience of using Ukraine’s premier dating site as well as its various pros and cons. I will also discuss the best strategy for meeting quality women and setting up dates.

I will wrap up this review with my personal recommendation of the best dating site that will yield the highest quality of women. My goal is for you to make an informed decision in terms of whether you should join the site or not.

Ukraine Date is part of the Cupid Media family of niche sites consisting of such sites as Russian Cupid, Brazilian Cupid, Thai Cupid, and many others. Cupid Media is a reputable company that’s been around since 2000. They’re constantly praised for their transparency and ease of use.


It’s been well established by independent observers that Ukrainian women are some of the most beautiful women in the world. And, unlike some armchair philosopher who’s never left America, I say it with full confidence as a Ukrainian guy who’s currently living in Kiev, Ukraine.

Over the years, online dating has become the easiest way to meet women in faraway lands. This means that you don’t need to be geographically located in the same country in order to begin building a connection with a woman who happens to be in Ukraine. So, whether you’re located in NYC, LA, London or Sydney, you can, right this minute, start contacting and talking to young, available women who’re eager to meet a new man for a serious or not-so-serious relationship.

Having said that, meeting Ukrainian women is no walk in the park, and isn’t as straightforward as it seems. First of all, there are a lot of women who’re looking for sponsorship, especially if you’re a Westerner (who they naturally perceive to have a lot of money). These women are professional gold diggers and should be avoided at all costs.

That’s also why online dating is so tough. Apps like Tinder are full of women who want to exploit you and use you for your money. 

Out of all the sites we’ve personally used and reviewed, we found Ukraine Date to be the best one. It’s the most transparent and straightforward site to use. Plus they are run by a reputable company with a stellar reputation who know exactly what they’re doing.

How it works

Ukraine Date works pretty much like any other dating site. The main interface allows you to filter the kind of women you’re looking for depending on your personal tastes and preferences. So, if you prefer brunettes like me, you can set as your filter and only view profiles of brunette women. 

On the other hand, if you happen to like blondes, you can set that as a preference too. Plus all the usual suspects like age, etc.

Ukraine Date isn’t a free dating site. While you don’t need to pay in order to view profiles and contact some members, you must subscribe to the site in order to enjoy the ability to contact all the members, chat with them and, ultimately, arrange dates.

The site comes with two main membership levels: Gold and Platinum. Gold allows you to chat with the ladies as well as send and receive messages. Platinum gives all the perks of a Gold membership plus a bunch of awesome perks such as rank above all other members, advanced matching and many others

The main selling point of a paying membership—and why we believe you should join—is the ability to contact and message all members across the site, something that you can’t do if you’re on the free Standard plan. 

After all, what’s the point of spending time on a dating site if you can’t contact all members, especially that cute girl that you really want to ask out?

That’s why signing up for a paying membership is super crucial.

Moreover, if you signup for multiple months at once like 6 or 12 months, you will enjoy a steep discount making it the best deal. We especially think that signing up for a Platinum 12-month membership is the best decision you can make; think of it as a solid investment in your dating life.

Signup now and begin meeting quality Ukrainian women

Ukraine Date: getting the most out of the site

Create the perfect profile

First of all, make sure you have a set of solid pictures. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so please make sure your pictures show your best side. 

The best pictures are those with a cool background, so whether it’s a cool city, a nice beach, or another lively background, these are the pictures that will attract the best attention.

I also suggest having a natural facial expression. Nothing creepy as though you stalk women for a living, but nothing over the top where your smile is stretched ear-to-ear. Keep it simple and women will respond.

While pictures are super important, you also have to realize that they aren’t everything: words count too. While for men, a woman’s physical looks are important, for women a man’s looks are something like 25-30% of the overall pictures. 

Don’t get me wrong: women want an attractive man, but his interests, confidence and financial situation count for even more than mere looks, especially if the woman is ready to settle down and not just partying non-stop. These sort of women are more interested that your finances are in order and will not be into you purely from your looks.

All of this means, in addition to your pictures, you should also fill out your profile to the fullest, telling perspective women about your background, your experience and what you’re looking for in your ideal woman. A maxed out profile will set you apart from the dozens of lazy and unfilled profiles and send more matches in your direction.

So, definitely, don’t skimp on your profile. It can make the difference between meeting the woman of your dreams and not meeting any quality women at all.

Avoiding gold diggers and other low-quality women

Just like anywhere in the world, there are good women and not so good women. Ukraine is definitely not unique in this regard. In fact, I would even go further and claim that out of all the countries I’ve visited and dated women, Ukrainian women are pretty good at sizing up their men and obtaining resources such as money from clueless men who think a woman is in love with them.

First of all, be very wary of any women who request money for anything. That should always be a red flag. I don’t care if she needs a new bathing suit or her mother needs an important medical procedure, you should never send any money to a woman that you don’t fully know, never mind someone who you haven’t even met. That’s just plain crazy and irresponsible. Not only would any woman lose respect for a man who’s sending her money, but you also may never see the money nor the woman ever again. As they say: a fool and his money are soon parted.

Generally speaking, once you’ve chatted with the girl for a few days and you feel there’s mutual interest, you should take the communication off-site by requesting her phone number which you can input into an app like Viber or WhatsApp (everyone in Ukraine has Viber). Then, once you’re on Viber, you can have a more intimate form of communication. This is what I’ve always done and has served me very well.

You can also add the woman to your Facebook and Instagram accounts and communicate there. But because I personally hate social media and don’t even have Facebook and Instagram, I prefer to use an instant messaging app like Viber (mostly) and WhatsApp. 

Another option—especially if you’re not going to be in the country for a while—is to do a video chat using something like Skype (you can also use Viber for this). This really depends on yourself and your comfort level. I personally have done voice calls before, mainly to feel out the girls comfort level and establish deeper rapport. Having said that, I don’t believe this is a required step. Chatting on Viber should be fine.

Once you’ve been chatting with a girl on Viber for a while and she hasn’t requested you of anything (especially money), she has passed an important first test and you can hopefully meet her when you’re in the country.

Make it known that you will visit Ukraine soon

Before I permanently moved to Ukraine, one of the biggest problems I encountered while traveling around Ukraine and meeting women is the fact that most of them don’t want much to do with a person who’s just passing through. That’s especially true if the woman is older, 30+. She has seen many things and doesn’t want to have a short-term fling with some fly-by-night tourist. 

In this case, it’s important to let women know fairly quickly what your plans are for the future. If you’re communicating with a woman on Ukraine Date and aren’t yet in Ukraine, you should let her know when she should be expecting you to see you in person. A typical Ukrainian woman will not entertain a long distance relationship with some guy she has met online; she has way too many options and wants a more serious relationship with a man who will eventually visit Ukraine.

That’s why it’s super important to build rapport and then tell her straight up when she should be expecting you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a couple of weeks or even few months out into the future, she will take you much more serious if you’re actually coming to the country rather than just chatting.

The game plan

Now that we’ve covered all the nuts and bolts of using Ukraine Date to meet quality women, let’s quickly go over the main game plan so that you can start meeting these women right away.

  • Signup for Ukraine Date, spend some time setting up your profile and put some nice photos that show you in the best possible light. 
  • Contact the women that you find attractive. Keep it super simple: say “Hello” or “Привет” and follow up with “Do you speak English?” Feel free to use Eastern European smileys “)” whenever you want. Most women and guys use them so using them doesn’t make any less masculine.
  • Communicate with her for a day or two. Gauge her interest level. If she’s curious about you and is asking you questions, tell her that you’d like to add her on Viber. She will understand this and provide you her number, which you can add use as a contact finder on Viber, WhatsApp or Telegram (90% of women use Viber).
  • At this point, you should be talking to a woman who’s more or less interested in seeing you once you arrive. You’ve built attraction, set up rapport and everything is leading to a physical meeting. If her interest is adequate, she should be hinting at when you will be in the country (if you’re not already). Hopefully, your arrival date shouldn’t be far away. Nevertheless, make sure you’re honest with her and tell her when she should expect you.
  • Once you know the exact date of arrival and have booked your flight tickets, ask her what she’s doing and her plans for the week. If she’s free—and she should be—invite her to do something, whether it’s going for a walk, going to the theater, a movie, or just having a plain old dinner at a nice restaurant.

The key here is that because you’ve been able to build attraction and rapport beforehand on Ukraine Date, you don’t need to waste your valuable time in Ukraine trying to meet different women; you should have a few of them lined up, excited to see once you arrive.

Final thoughts 

Here at Maverick Traveler, we’re big fans of Ukraine Date. We believe it’s a legitimate dating site from a company that has been in this business for more than 19 years. 

I have personally used this site to meet high-quality women and go on as many as 10 dates in a span of just 7 days. I could’ve had even more dates, but there was only so much time in the day, plus I actually had work to do.

Furthermore, the above strategy has worked exceptionally well for me and I’m certain it’ll work really well for you as well.

So, don’t hesitate anymore. Signup for Ukraine Date and begin meeting awesome Ukrainian women today.

Filipino Women: The Complete Guide To Asia’s Sexiest Women

As the popular saying goes, if you can’t get laid in Brazil, you should just pack your bag and go home. But in all honesty, Brazil isn’t the easiest country to get laid in: the Philippines takes that prize.

Over the years, I’ve had numerous friends visit the Philippines and proclaim that it’s the absolute easiest country in the world to get laid in. (Of course, they’re referring to the more developed second-world countries; many of them haven’t been to places like Africa so they can’t really compare those countries to the Philippines.)

The following is a guest article by my good friend Frank, an Australian guy whom I met in Bogota, Colombia. Frank has been a regular visitor to the Philippines for many years and wanted to share his experience.

Take it away, Frank.


Being from Australia, I’ve made over 15 trips over to the Philippines over the years and had heaps of fun every single time. Philippines is also one of my “pit stops” whenever I’m flying back home from Europe. Instead of returning straight to Australia, I usually hop over to the Philippines for about a week or two to enjoy the sun and the ladies. It never disappoints.

As James mentioned above, if you can’t get laid in the Philippines, then, sorry to say, but there’s probably something wrong with you. Not only are the women much easier than those in Latin America or Eastern Europe (Ukraine is tricky), but as a foreigner (especially if you’re a white guy), you’ll enjoy a certain rockstar status in the Philippines that you simply won’t experience anywhere else.

The women

I spent four years living in Bogota, Colombia, so I speak Spanish and understand Latin women. I would say that Filipino women are very similar to Latin women with a certain Asian twist; but, among all the other Asian women, they’re the closest to Latin women in both looks and mentality.

That means a couple of things. First, they’re very submissive and caring of a man that they’re with. Second, they can be very manipulative, so if you give them an inch, they will have no qualms about grabbing the entire mile. 

One of my friends back in London views Filipino women as a mixture of every single explorer and their crew who landed in the Philippines and banged the locals. First, it was the Spaniards. Then, it was the Americans. Thus, the majority of them have a Spanish last name such as Garcia, Santos, Reyes, etc.

Filipinos are both conservative and sexual. Unlike American and other Western women who love talking about sex, a Filipino woman needs to become comfortable with you before topics such as sex come up. It’s not something that you need to hint on as well; they know why you’re talking to them. 

Instead, you should approach the interaction in a conservative and pragmatic way. Be friendly and open, get to know them a bit first, set up the first date in a coffee shop or something like that.

The reality is that you don’t need to try very hard to get them to build an attraction to you. As a Westerner—and especially a white guy—you should have women have an attraction to you automatically. That’s unlike in places like the US or Australia where you have to become a dancing monkey for her to like you.

Filipinos can also be very jealous, much more jealous than Western or Latin women. When I was in a relationship, my girl would constantly go through my Facebook and Instagram and ask me questions about the people that I befriended or followed. She also didn’t take it kindly that I had a few hundred female friends on Facebook.

At that point, she wanted to know how long I’ve known them and whether we’ve been intimate or not. This is obviously something you will never hear from your American or even the more jealous Colombian girlfriend.

Meeting Filipino women during the day

In cities like New York or London, day game is normal. It’s fully acceptable to see a cute woman, creep up on her and start talking to her. But in the Philippines, this is not normal behavior. Women aren’t used to random guys running up and chatting them up. 

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t approach these women; you should still approach, but you must ready for lots of awkward silences and shock on their faces. Just keep going and go for the number, you can contact them later when they’re much more relaxed.

The advantages of day gaming are that you set yourself apart from the hordes of other love tourists who mainly rely on nightlife or online game to meet women.

Meeting Filipino women during the night

I’ll be honest with you. Meeting women at night is a mixed bag. It’s tough. The main problem is that the best venues are constantly changing and it takes a lot of energy to keep track which venues are cool and which aren’t.

The second main problem is the fact that you will run into lots of pros (professionals, hookers, prostitutes, etc) at night and it will be, at least initially, to tell the difference between who’s a pro and who’s not. (Of course, this skill will improve with time.)

The best way to enjoy nightlife is to make some local friends and have them suggest which places are the best for high-quality women. Also, making friends with local expats and love tourists would be ideal as well.

Meeting Filipino women online

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular ways to meet Filipino women is online. There’s a huge convenience factor of being able to browse profiles of eligible women right from your living room couch without needing to be in the country.

There are several ways of meeting women online. First, there’s the all-mighty Tinder that’s used by men and women around the world. The main problem with Tinder, however, is that you’ll typically find lower quality women and even some pros. In my experience, many of the women I tried to arrange a date there ended up flaking or changing the venue location at the last minute. Honestly, I’m too old for bullshit and games, so I dumped that stupid app for better ways.

A much better way to meet women would be to use a site like Filipino Cupid. The women are of higher quality and are more relationship minded than on some of the other sites, including Tinder. They are also a lot less flaky and are just generally to engage and meet.

To use Filipino Cupid, simply sign up here and begin meeting women. It’s that simple. I vouch for this site, and am absolutely certain you’ll meet quality women on there. When I initially signed up, I ended up going on 20 dates in just a week. That was an unforgettable experience!

Honestly, it’s like shooting fish in the barrel. All you have to do is show up (create a free profile) and begin messaging women. More than 90% of them will respond and engage with you. You can then follow up, grab their number and meet them for coffee.

More advice for meeting Filipino women

I want to take a moment and give you some more pointers when it comes to meeting Filipino women.

  • Don’t expect to turn a hoe into a housewife: This is true for women from all over the world and certainly applies here in the Philippines. If you’re meeting women in the bars and clubs, understand that many of them certainly wouldn’t be marriage material. Even if you’ve fallen in love with this woman, ask yourself how many other guys have also met her at the same bar or club?
  • Age difference matters: While Southeast Asian countries have a reputation where older men (50+, 60+) go in order to find a younger wife, the bigger the age difference, the greater the chance that your young wife or girlfriend would dump you for a younger man. In most of the world that difference is around 10 years; in the Philippines, I wouldn’t stretch it past 20 years of difference. Anything more and the risk of her leaving for a younger man increase. Many Filipino girls will date older men, but still have a younger lover on the side.
  • Make sure your woman really loves you: For serious relationships and even marriage, you must be absolutely sure that the women you’re with absolutely love you. You can’t simply fall head over heels for some girl you met in a bar because she smiles and whispers sweet things in your ear. You must be absolutely certain that she’s truly into you and it’s not just in your head. There are several ways to test. Ask your friends for an outsider’s opinion. Ask your girl to do something for you that requires her putting in some effort like looking some important up or getting to another part of town. (It must be something that benefits you only, not both of you.)
  • Go for a woman in your tax bracket: if you really want to make sure that a woman isn’t out to use you for your money, go for someone who makes a decent amount of money. She doesn’t need to make as much as you, the rich Westerner, but having a decent education and a decent job can definitely go a long way. 
  • Trust your gut: Ultimately, the best way to see if this girl is good for you in the long term is to trust your gut. Usually, if you feel that something doesn’t feel right, that maybe your girl has other interests and doing other things behind your back, then most likely you’re right, and those feelings deserve further investigations. Definitely don’t invest your time, money and resources into a woman who doesn’t deserve them. Use common sense.

Red flags

The usual red flags that you would encounter with women in other countries apply in the Philippines. But there’s one thing I really wanted to stress: gold diggers. 

Once you combine Asian and Latin cultures, the result is gold digging on another level. I’ve been in all kinds of situations with all kinds of different women trying very creatively to extract money from me.

Fortunately, avoiding gold diggers is fairly easy if you don’t get your feelings involved. Steer clear of women who ask for money. Period. Full stop. It doesn’t matter if her grandmother is dying back in some remote village. It doesn’t matter if she needs money for studies or anything else.

First of all, unless you really know the woman, you can’t really trust anything she says—especially if you know her for a few weeks or less. Second of all, the woman will lose all respect for you if you begin giving her your money. She will see you as a sugar daddy and sponsor instead of someone who she likes as a person. Be very wary of women who ask for money. Quality girls rarely do.

Closing thoughts

Hopefully, this article provided you with an overall picture of what Filipino women really like. In my opinion, there are some of the most loving, loyal and sexy women in Asia and can definitely make great girlfriends and wives (if that’s what you’re looking for). 

But like anywhere else, you have to be vigilant and use common sense. This is especially true in the Philippines because, as a Westerner, you will be automatically perceived to be a person of high value and will have many women (some not very desirable) after you.

Regardless of what happens, I’m fairly certain you’ll have an excellent time in the Philippines.

#50: You Are Not Masculine Enough For Feminine Women

In today’s podcast, I explain why Western men are just too feminine for genuine feminine women. I explain why feminine women ask you for money or buy expensive things for them. I back it up with my experience in Eastern Europe and then talk about how you can become more masculine in order to become more attractive to women.

Links mentioned in these episode:

The Problem With Feminine Women

There’s a lot of bullshit floating around the Internet, especially when it comes to dating and relationships. There’s the case of 45-year-old armchair general virgins who’re giving advice ranging from approaching women to having healthy relationships. Or some random 23-year-old kid who finally lands a girlfriend for the first time in his life and somehow feels that he can mentor the entire world on what it is like to approach and date the world’s hottest women.

For instance, take something that every guy craves and wants: feminine women. Every guy on the entire Internet wants to date and marry one of these women. They feel that these women will be their salvation after years (and decades) of suffering through lots of “masculine” women that countries like the US and the UK are replete with.

But then, I get hundreds of emails from guys who complain how Russian or Ukrainian women—probably the epitome of feminine women—are bitchy, icy and just not as easy as they thought as they run back home with their tail between their legs. Or, worse, how they got ripped off in Russia or Ukraine by some girl they fell in love with after seeing her once or twice. And then curse the world how all Russian and Ukrainian women are “transactional.”

As someone who is originally from Ukraine and has lived in Ukraine for the past five years, I find these stories amusing. For once, there’s some truth in them—and an important lesson: femininity has its price.

Yes, Ukrainian women are extremely feminine. Russian women, too. But, as  hopefully, you’ve learned from a very young age: there’s no free lunch. Everything costs something, including that mirage in the desert: femininity.

When it comes to feminine women, what no self-proclaimed guru will ever tell you is that there’s an intrinsic price attached to all that beautiful femininity. First of all, they know that they’re beautiful and feminine. Even in a place like Ukraine, where virtually every woman is feminine, they all know their prices. Yes, their price. 

They also know very well how to read men and what kind of hoops they need to make men jump through before getting access to the goods—if ever. 

The more feminine the woman, the higher the price, the more time investment, the more sophisticated the “shit tests” before you’re considered as a contestant for the ultimate prize.

The more feminine the woman, the more masculine you have to be. And here’s where most of you fail. There’s a good chance that most of you reading this are from the developed world (more than half of my traffic comes from the USA, UK, and Canada), and big metropolitan cities like New York or London aren’t exactly known as bastions of masculinity.

So, if you’re not 100% (or even 80%) masculine, then you’re part feminine or at least have certain feminine characteristics like getting in touch with your feelings, saying things like “I love you,” missing a woman, or arguing with women when you should shut the fuck up and let the woman vent.

And this is where you fail because a high-quality feminine woman has been around enough tough masculine men who don’t entertain her bullshit or respond to her tests to know what a truly masculine man is. And you’re probably not it. 

And this is why a feminine woman picks on up on this and plays you for a fool.

Most likely you behave this way because you were raised in a single parent household—by your mother or were raised in an environment where the mother held the upper hand in the relationship and the father simply nodded his head and did whatever the woman wanted.

The specifics of your childhood don’t matter all that much, what matters is that your understanding of feminine and masculine roles is upside down. All compounded by the fact that you’re insecure as heck and were conditioned by a feminized Western society to be “in touch with your feelings” and other crap.

But that’s not what real women want. I haven’t heard of any guy whose woman dumped him because he was “too masculine” or because his masculine frame was super strong. I also don’t know any guy whose woman left him for a man who was “in touch with his feminine side.” And, I certainly don’t know any man whose woman dumped him because he was so busy with his work that he barely had time to see her instead of some chump who did nothing but worship the ground she walked on.

If you want to get what you want from women—whether it’s a reliable midnight booty call, a great relationship or even marriage—you must adhere to a certain hidden dynamic whether you like it or not. No, it’s not negotiable. It’s not something that you can “talk about” at the kitchen table with your girl. It’s something that you do (or don’t do).

So, as you can probably guess, the problem isn’t with feminine women. The problem is with you. You’re the problem. 

You’re the problem because everything you’ve ever been thought about masculinity was wrong. Women don’t want a “buddy” they can “hang out” with. They don’t want a man who they can easily get under the skin and turn into an emotional cesspool. And they certainly don’t want a guy who’s in touch with their emotional side—whatever the fuck that means—even if they tell that that’s what they want.

It’s all one giant test which you’ve been failing repeatedly. Not because you said the wrong word at the wrong time but because you weren’t even in the race. Everything about you demonstrated that you’re just not masculine enough to dominate her, to control the situation and make her feel like a woman. And if you can’t make her feel like a woman, then nothing you say or do matter. It’s like trying putting a V8 engine into a Honda Civic. Even with a powerful engine, it’s still a freaking Civic and it will never run as a tightly as a BMW or a Ferrari. 

The point is that everything begins with a solid foundation: the masculine frame. And everything spreads from there. When you have a weak foundation and you might as well stay home instead of going outside. Doesn’t matter what comes out of your mouth.

No stupid pickup line is going to compensate for a man with feminine behavior. That’s like putting a bandaid on the Titanic after its hull has been ripped apart by an iceberg.

Moreover, merely meeting women is relatively easy. Let’s face it, it’s purely a numbers game; the only thing that you need is the willingness to approach the girl and put the ball in her court. 

Relationships or, in other words, a situation where you have to be masculine all the fucking time is a lot harder. That’s why women initiate 80-90% of the divorces. Mostly because the man gets weak and complacent over time and stops being the man that initially seduced her (I’m not talking about the gold diggers).

For the past ten years, I’ve been living abroad and dating a multitude of women from all over the world. But I’ve always been in long-term relationships, so I know a thing or two about staying masculine and keeping the attraction going over the span of months and years. 

That’s especially been true in Eastern Europe—where I’m now—where women are ruthless at sniffing out all and any insecurities in a man. Most of you guys just wouldn’t last in Eastern Europe with a half-decent woman. It’s a lot trickier than what you believe. And save your “but they’re so feminine” spiel for someone else.

On Friday, March 29, I will be releasing my new training: mindset, dating, and relationships. It will be a heck of a course where I will cover everything you need to know become and stay masculine in a feminized world. You will never look at mindset, women, dating, and relationships the same way ever again.

Dominican Women: The Untold Truth About Latin America’s Sexiest Women

Ahh, the Dominican Republic or, as locals call it, Republica Dominicana. One of my favorite countries in all of Latin America—yes, it even rivals Brazil. I honestly can’t say anything bad about this country; this island nation has it all.

The weather is awesome, the food is great, the people are super friendly and, last, but definitely not least, the women simply exude sexuality to the max.

That’s why we are here: to talk about women, not Arroz Blanco (a Dominican dish) or traffic in Santo Domingo. So, let’s not beat around the bush and get straight to it.


I’m just going to go out and say it: Dominican women are some of the sexiest women in the world (at least in Latin America, and, because I believe Latin American women are sexiest in the world, so let’s just say the world).

Dominican women embody all the sexiness of South and Central American women, but they also have a certain “Caribbean spice” that’s missing from their South American counterparts. Must be because they hail from an island nation and not from some inland city like Medellin or Bogota.

Moreover, you can’t even compare them to the women from Eastern Europe in countries such as Ukraine, Russia or Belarus. Dominican women are much, much warmer and sexier than their more frigid ex-Communist counterparts.

Types of Dominican women

Dominican women, just like all other Latin women, are very feminine while the men are super masculine. Thus, there’s an existence of a natural polarity that you’d be hard-pressed to find in the West, in countries such as America and the UK.

When it comes to socio-economic status, the same rules that you’d find all over Latin America apply: the darker the girl, the poorer girl. The richest Dominicans are typically of pure Spanish descent, so they’re usually pretty white and European looking. One of my friends, a Dominican guy, is so white that he’s actually whiter than me (and I’m pretty white). This is because his family is primarily from the Basque region of Spain. His family is also pretty well off.

Dealing with flakiness

The Dominican Republic seems to have inherited the Colombian tendency of readily accept dates, but then flake at the last possible minute. Although this is a lot worse in cities like Medellin and Cali, this is also a big problem in the Dominican Republic. This carefree attitude must be an integral part of the Latin gene.

There’s only one way to deal with flakiness: setup multiple dates with other women so if that one or two flake, you aren’t stuck at home playing Xbox and watching Netflix.

Other than that, there’s simply no way to prevent a flake since that’s an indicator of low interest because you’re not a priority in her life and/or another guy popped up back in her life (ex-boyfriend, etc).

How to succeed with Dominican women

Here are some solid tips for success with Dominican women:

Be direct 

Dominican women are used to direct, aggressive and overly-sexualized Dominican men who basically objectify their women and treat them as sex objects. Not saying that women have a problem with this, but they have come to expect this kind of behavior from men. Any other type of behavior would be viewed as a weakness or beta.

This is the complete opposite of the feminine nature of Western cultures such as USA, England and Australia. If you’re one of those nice guys who idealizes women, and does “everything right,” you’ll have to adjust your attitude to succeed with Dominican women.

In many ways, this is very similar to how things are in Brazil, especially in Rio de Janeiro, another tropical city with sexy and sensual women.

That means don’t be some nice guy who goes indirect and tries to befriend the girl before announcing that he’s interested in her sexually. Dominican women know why men approach them, so don’t beat around the bush and play stupid games.

Move fast

This might come as a shock to all the nice guys out there, but, yes, in the Dominican Republic, being a tropical island nation located in Latin America, things move relatively fast. I would say seduction moves faster than even in Brazil and Colombia.

If you like a girl, approach her and ask for her number. Then, once you get her number, text her a bit later and see what she’s doing at night. 

This might sound foreign to guys who’re used to US style of dating with fake delays and “3-day rule” bullshit. But in the Dominican Republic, this is absolutely normal.

Dominican women don’t have any shortage of options. If you text her after three or four days, she might completely forget about you and move on to the next guy.

Don’t let rejection phase you

Obviously, there will be women that will respond coldly to your advances. Whether it will gorgeous women at a nice club who believe you’re below them in value, a random girl on the street who refuses to stop when you approach or a sexy waitress that’s only smiling because it’s her job, the more you approach, the more you will understand that even though there are plenty of sexy women, not all of them are interested in hooking up with you. The good news is that you will notice pattern that will aid in your next approach.

That’s absolutely fine. Remember, there are plenty of amazing women out there, and plenty more where this particular woman came from.

The solution to this is to embrace the abundance mentality. Understand that there’s no such thing as “the one.” Understand that there’s no such thing as a “special girl.” There are more than 3.5 billion women in the world, so you’re bound to find another girl who you’ll like as much as the one that got away. So, just because one girl said no, the next five girls will be happy to spend time with you. So, always keep moving and finding new women.

Spanish helps a lot

I know that I sound like as though I’m beating a dead horse, but, yes, knowing the local language does help you with the local ladies. Crazy how that sounds.

Even with the island’s proximity to the US and its influx of US tourists, not many DR locals actually speak English. Only those who directly work with tourists or who have lived in US (read: wealthy) do. And, if you meet someone who claims to speak English, their knowledge of English would be very limited. Besides, do you really want to fly to a new country only to look for girls who speak decent English?

Didn’t think so.

Might as well stay in Miami if that’s what you want.

So, do yourself a huge favor and learn some Spanish. It’s not a difficult language and you should become conversational fairly quickly.

Learn salsa and bachata

When I lived in Bogota, Colombia, one of my good friends, a Colombian guy, mentioned how knowing salsa is like having another weapon in your arsenal. I didn’t exactly understand what he meant back then, but now understand him perfectly.

No matter how you look at it, salsa and bachata are simply a way of life in the Dominican Republic (and the surrounding countries). Sure, you can choose to ignore venues where this dancing takes place and limit your options. Or, you can learn the basic moves and invite a cute girl to dance. Your choice.

Furthermore, you don’t need to become some salsa master like Mark Anthony; as a gringo (foreigner), you’re not expected to dance as good as Dominicans who started dancing before they knew how to walk. But merely knowing a few basic steps will impress the women and set you apart from the rest of gringos who can’t put together two words of Spanish even if someone pointed a gun to their head.

Beware of scams

While the Dominican Republic may appear like a complete paradise, appearances can be deceiving. There are plenty of women who view foreigners (or any men, really) as an oil well that they can continuously extract resources out without providing much in return. Plenty of scams abound.

Beware of women luring into various bars or clubs. What usually happens is that you will be given a drink and then charged an exorbitant amount of money. If you refuse to pay, a few burly guys will change your mind. 

Beware of women asking you for money. This could be as a way to buy them various things, whether it’s a nice bag, wallet or a dress. Generally, anytime you give a woman some money, she loses attraction for you and begins to view you as a wallet to continuously pull money from.

An exception would be to give her a bit of money for a cab back to her house after she spends an evening or night with you. This is a fairly common practice, even in countries like Panama or Colombia, so do this at your own discretion. 

Understand what the girl wants

Just like anywhere in the world, Dominican women are all different. Some are looking for a fling and nothing more. Some are looking for a sugar daddy. Some are nice, middle-class women that are looking for a serious relationship and maybe even marriage and kids.

What I’m trying to say is that you must understand that every woman wants something. Men want sex, but women want something else. Dominican women certainly aren’t stupid and they also want something out of the exchange.

Your success with women will depend on your ability to properly understand what kind of Dominican women you’re dealing with.

Day game, day game, day game

Day game instills fear in many people. After all, it’s not easy to approach women in broad daylight without first gulping down three beers. Naturally, a lot of people prefer online dating (more on that below) or meeting sexy mujercitas at night. That may be true to places in America where the women are super insecure about guys “creeping” up on them, but is completely acceptable in Latin American countries such as the Dominican Republic. 

In fact, there’s nothing more enjoyable than approaching beautiful and sexy women during the day regardless if you’re in a metropolis like Santo Domingo or are out in one of the beach cities such as Cabarete.

The biggest problem with day game in the Dominican Republic is that since it’s damn hot, most people choose to spend their time inside air-conditioned areas such as shopping malls, supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants. Thus, it’s not like in the super walkable NYC where you can just roll up to a dime and begin spitting game.

Meet them online

If all else fails, you can rely on another time-tested technique: meeting Dominican women online.

But where?

There are the usual suspects such as Tinder and a bunch of other clones where you can meet women from the comfort of your phone. 

But a much better way to meet women would be something like Dominican Cupid, a premier online dating site that showcases beautiful and high-quality women. I have personally tried this site when I spent time in the Dominican Republic and can attest that it’s an awesome site to meet all kinds of women. 

So, if you’re interested in hanging out with a great Dominican woman, create your free profile and start meeting women right from the comfort of your living couch. Then, once you fly into DR, you’ll have a few women already willing to spend time with you. This is certainly the easiest way to meet women.

Advice for finding a quality girl for a relationship

If you’re looking for a more serious type of relationship, then you must take extra precaution with the kind of girls you’re dating and their personalities. It’s no longer just about how hot the girl looks. Here are some things you should take into account:

  • Her family and her relationship with her family. Quality girls come from quality families. She should come from a whole family with both mother and father in a healthy relationship. Dominicans are very close to their families, so if there’s some tension inside the family, that should come immediately come off as a red flag.
  • Her friends. As they say, birds of a feather flock together. Does she have good, healthy friends who are also in healthy relationships? Or are her friends mostly women who party in the clubs and sleep with men within 30 mins (or less) of meeting them.
  • Her work. Does she have a respectable profession that she likes doing or is she stuck at some dead-end job because there are no better prospects (or, worse, unemployed)?
  • Her personality. Is she needy and needs attention all the time? This is probably not a woman you should build a relationship with. Thread carefully.

Of course, there are many other factors to take into account, but these should get you started.

Closing thoughts

The Dominican Republic is an absolutely amazing country. Merely words or pictures don’t do it justice. It’s a place that must be visited and explored. It’s a place that must be felt and sensed. 

As is true for the entire country, the same is true for the women. Consider this guide as merely just scratching the surface on your adventure to find the woman of your dreams in the paradise nation known as the Dominican Republic.

Once again, if you’re looking to meet and date high-quality women, I can’t highly recommend Dominican Cupid for the ease with which you can meet quality and sexy women.

Thai Women: The Secrets To Dating World’s Most Submissive Women

Even though I mostly dated white and Latin girls, one of my first trips abroad was to Thailand back in 2004. During that trip, I met a wonderful Thai girl who I ended up traveling with around the country for a bit. 

We visited the southern islands, headed up to Chiang Mai and wrapped up our trip in Bangkok.

Comparing to Western women that I was dating at that time (this was before my Latin American adventures), this Thai woman was an absolute breath of fresh air.

This is a guest article from one of my good friends Jake who I met in Chiang Mai back in 2016. Jake loves Thai women and has been continuously living in Thailand since 2013.

Take it away, Jake.


While the West is being overrun with radical feminism and #metoo movements, Thailand is still firmly a very traditional society replete with fairly submissive women. I believe that Thai women are some of the most submissive women on the planet. Perhaps they’re like Vietnamese and Cambodian women who are also very submissive. (But I’ve yet to visit those countries, so I can’t speak for them.)

Of course, there are Thai women that are more modern and they are Thai women that are more conservative. The more modern ones are typically found in big cities such as Bangkok, while more conservative ones usually hail from the countryside.

Thai women characteristics 

Thai women, like most Southeastern women, are refreshingly submissive. They’re more submissive than Brazilian women. They’re more submissive than either Ukrainian or Russian women. They’re just one of the most submissive women on the planet.

I would say Thai women are like how the Western women were 50-100 years ago. Before the whole feminism fiasco. They’re so submissive that even merely talking back to a man is pretty much unheard of. Of course, this is changing as the country becomes more Westernized and, indeed, women in Bangkok and perhaps Chiang Mai are more Westernized than, say, women in Isan, a remote region in Thailand known for its very traditional women.

Do Thai women like foreigners?

This is a hotly debated topic and a recent article in Bangkok Post illustrated this issue. 

Here’s what one Thai woman in the article was quoted as saying:

“I dated a few Thai guys before, and one thing I found quite annoying is that they are not as mature as Westerners of the same age,” she said. 

“Many Thai men are childish, irresponsible and jealous for no reason. Meanwhile, many Westerners are completely the opposite.”

I would say there are two types of Thai women: those who only date Thai men and those who date both Thai and Western men. The women who are also open to dating non-Thai women do so because they perceive their own culture to be a bit too restrictive in terms of what women are allowed to do or not to do. So, they are in a way rebelling against the status quo.

Generally, these are the women that themselves are more Western than the typical Thai woman. Perhaps they were exposed to Westerners at an earlier age by studying or even living abroad in countries such as England or the USA.

Of course, there are very traditional women that fall into these categories. I once visited a remote village in the north of the country and ended up meeting a cute girl. We dated for about six months. So, here’s an example of a quality traditional girl that wasn’t exposed to foreigners all that much (although she did speak decent English).

In cities like Bangkok, you’ll find many of the women to be equivalent to Western women, along with some of the negative traits you’re already used to back home: entitled, bitchy, materialistic, etc. Heck, you’ll be able to swipe them on Tinder as you would in New York. The world is truly getting smaller.

Having said that, unlike in some of the other countries where being a Westerner isn’t necessarily an advantage over local guys (e.g., Latin America and Eastern Europe), being a Westerner is truly prized in Asia and Thailand. In other words, if you’re a Western man, you will be in a pretty good spot.


When it comes to dates, I like to keep it simple. In terms of what I like to do on dates, that really depends where I meet the girl. 

If I’m in Bangkok, and I meet a fairly Westernized girl either on the street or on one of those dating sites, then a solid spot for a first date would be something like a cool local bar to get a couple of drinks. It’s basically like dating in New York. Another solid option is to just meet up for coffee at some random coffee shop in order to properly feel her out.

If I meet a girl at some remote village, I would just go where the locals go, whether it’s a small restaurant or some local hideout where the locals like to meet up. The village girl that I referred to earlier, we went to a local joint and had some Thai noodles. Nothing fancy.

Even in Bangkok, I certainly wouldn’t take a girl to some fancy restaurant for our first date. Keep your investment low. Plus, it would weed out the gold diggers who are only looking to fleece your wallet and nothing more.

For a second date, suggest something as simple as a walk somewhere or, depending on how things are going between the two of you, perhaps invite her back to your house to watch Netflix or something.

Much like in the US, I like to abide by the “3-day rule” when dating Thai women. If by the 3rd date, the woman isn’t willing to get “intimate” with you, there’s a good chance she’s just using you for attention and wasting your time. Of course, super conservative women do exist, so you’ll have to trust your gut with this, but that’s typically been my experience.

Warning signs and red flags

Like anywhere else in the world, there are quality women and not so quality women. Obviously, this depends on your goals. If you’re into casual dating then you can ignore the signs below and keep dating the girl. However, if you’re interested in a long-term relationship, then it certainly helps to keep the following points in my mind.

1) She has lots of male friends

Generally, it’s a bad sign if the woman has tons of male friends. It can mean many things: she needs lots of male attention, she likes to date lots of men at the same time. As you probably know, there exists no friendship between women and men. Men only “friend” women who they’ve either already had sex with or who they want to sleep with. I don’t know any man who would voluntarily friend a 50-year-old woman.

2) She still keeps in touch with her ex-boyfriend

This is a corollary of the previous point. A woman who still keeps in touch with her ex (especially if they broke up after many years) isn’t a healthy sign. 

3) She loves to get overly drunk

This is self-explanatory, as higher quality women tend to drink no to little alcohol and they will definitely not get wasted on a first date with a stranger.

4) She sleeps with you on the first date

This is a controversial point. I’ve had women with whom I’ve slept on the very first date that went on to become super amazing relationships, it can be a sign that the woman you’re with is easy and not especially applicable to a relationship.

5) She asks for money.

This is a big one. Many Asian women think that Western guys are super loaded, so some women have no problems asking the guys they’re getting to know or seeing for some “financial help.” They make up all kinds of reasons for this help: perhaps it’s to help some ”family member” who lives on some farm, or maybe one of her relatives is “sick” and needs financial assistance.

This is a big red flag because no good or quality girl would ever ask her Western boyfriend for money. It’s just not something that’s done. Even if she’s a very poor girl from the village, if she’s a half-way decent girl, she would never ask you for money.

Where to find a good Thai woman

There are unlimited ways to find a good, quality Thai woman whether your goals are a short-term relationship, long-term relationship or even marriage.

Places like the big malls in Bangkok or Chiang Mai, book stores, expat meetups, and different venues are all solid choices to meet amazing, quality women. Even random bars can be decent choices, but I probably wouldn’t go as far as to say that clubs are great options since clubs mostly attract women who’re looking for quick flings and nothing more.

How to meet Thai women online

Online dating is an excellent way to meet Thai women. The most popular way to do so is Tinder, an app used the world over, where you can just swipe left or right depending on if you like the girl, respectively. 

But, what most people don’t know is that there are much better ways to meet Thai women than Tinder. One of them is to use a very popular site Thai Cupid. Thai Cupid is actually one of the largest sites to meet beautiful and quality Thai women regardless of your relationship goals.

Here at Maverick Traveler, we’ve had good experience with Thai Cupid and can wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone if they’re looking to meet high-quality Thai women.


I know that many of you have heard of the whole “Lady Boy” thing and, are, rightly worrying, whether that’s something to be concerned about. Basically, you’re worrying if you get drunk one night at some Bangkok bar, how do you make sure that you don’t end up picking up a Lady Boy (who are men that are dressed as Thai women).

I’m here to tell you that this is something you shouldn’t really worry about. There’s just no way you’re going to miss a “girl” with a voice box, and general manly features (ie, big feet). Honestly, I wouldn’t even worry about this – the chances of you hooking up with a lady girl is lower than getting hit by lightning in a Bangkok storm.

Closing thoughts

I hope that by writing this article, you have a roadmap on what it’s like meeting and dating Thai women. Like, I wrote above Thai women are an absolute pleasure to be around with. They’re super feminine, submissive and friendly—even if they’ve rejected you. 

Have a great time in the land of smiles.

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