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Polish Women: #1 Most Voted Guide

by James
Polish women

While Poland has been the country I was fairly curious about, its more eastern and “rawer” neighbors (Ukraine and Russia) have always appealed to me more than any Central European country ever could.

That’s because as a guy who was born in Ukraine and who speaks fluent Russian, it made little sense for me to spend lots of time in countries where I didn’t have such a definitive advantage over other tourists.

Nevertheless, although Ukrainian women and Russian women are feminine and sexy, the constant materialism and transactional-based relationships have over time worn me down and made me crave something more Western. I’m not talking about something as drastic as American or British or anything, but just a tad bit more Western than what I was dealing with.

While I’ve only spent several weeks in Poland, one of my good friends, Ian, who’s from the UK, has spent a lot of time in Poland, ravaging courting the women in the best ways he knows.

The following article was submitted by my friend Ian, a British guy who has been living in Poland for the past several years.


One of the big misconceptions about Poland is that it’s an Eastern European country along with Ukraine and Belarus. That’s what a lot of my mates in England think. The reality, however, is that Poland is really in Central Europe along with countries like Hungary and the Czech Republic. Once, you visit Poland, you will understand why.

First of all, Poland is a lot cleaner and better kept than neighboring Ukraine and Belarus. The cities are more organized and things work a lot better than in Eastern European countries such as Romania and even Bulgaria. Plus, unlike Ukraine and Belarus, Poland is in the EU, which says a lot about the country’s development. There’s a reason why lots of Ukrainians and Russians choose to move to Poland and praise life so much there.


Not surprisingly, Polish people speak Polish, a Slavic language that’s very similar to Ukrainian and Russian (much more similar to the former than the latter). If you speak Russian (I speak a bit) or Ukrainian, you should at least be able to read the signs and make some of the words. Ukrainians who immigrate to Poland have said that it takes them at most 3 months to get conversational in the language.

I recommend learning Polish if you’re someone who’s serious with your intentions in the country, especially if you’re planning to set up a base and stay long-term. It would definitely make integration easier as well as improve your chances with the women. Having said, speaking Polish is by no means a requirement as most young Polish people speak some English (unlike in Ukraine and Russia).

The women

This “non-Eastern European status” naturally carries itself to the women. In my opinion, Polish women are almost Eastern European but not truly Eastern European. Although they’re Slavic through and through, they just don’t have the same ultra-feminine charm and sex appeal compared to Ukrainian or Russian women.

I would say that Polish women are almost as attractive as Ukrainian women. The reason I say this is because I view Ukrainian women as the standard when it comes to ultimate femininity and attractiveness. Although Polish women have nice faces, they lack a little of that “modelesque” look that’s very common with Ukrainian and Russian.

When you see a Ukrainian girl, the immediate reaction you have is, “wow, why isn’t this girl a model?” but when you see a Polish girl, your reaction is, “ok, she’s kinda cute.” Period. Without the model part. 

When it comes to personalities, this is where Polish women shine. In fact, this is my favorite part about Polish women. The overwhelming majority of Polish women that I met had very pleasant personalities. I’ve been in situations where the girl rejected me but did it in such a nice way that I went home and actually felt as though we shared a moment even if I was really rejected.

On the other hand, the girls with which I formed relationships were so pleased that their positive and upbeat personalities always made up for any lack of physical attractiveness. That’s especially true when you compare them to Ukrainian women who look like models but their personalities leave something to be desired.

Do Polish women like foreigners?

One thing I always wondered about is whether Polish women like foreigners. During my travels, I learned that women either like foreigners or not. For instance, in the Balkans, in countries like Serbia and Montenegro, women tend to prefer their own men. In Ukraine and Russia, some women like foreigners but most don’t. In fact, the more east you go, the more it becomes apparent that dating and even marrying a foreigner is like an escape strategy for women who want more opportunities abroad. 

In Poland, however, things are different: Polish girls seem to prefer foreigners over their own men. It’s not uncommon to see hordes of Spanish and Italian guys all over the bars and clubs during the summer months and seeing women absolutely smitten by them. It’s also not uncommon to meet Polish women who’ve taken a good amount of trips to Madrid and Barcelona to have, enjoy life and, without a doubt, mess around with some Spanish guys as well.

While Polish women tend to prefer darker men, it seems they’re also not opposed to British, Scandinavian and American men as well. I have met a good number of English guys in Warsaw who were in serious relationships (some were even living) with beautiful Polish women.

Polish women vs. Ukrainian women

While I’ve compared the two types of women before, I want to dig deeper and compare them further in case anyone is having trouble deciding between the two countries.

Ukrainian girls are beautiful but most of them value transactional relationships. What I mean by that is if a Ukrainian does something for you and you’re happy she did it, she will ask for something in return. Maybe it’s a favor, maybe she wants you to buy her something, or maybe it’s something else. The result is a relationship based on the explicit exchange of value. 

Of course, that’s not the case with all women, mind you, but it’s what I noticed with Ukrainian women in Poland and Ukraine.

On the other hand, Polish women are just much easier to build genuine relationships with. There’s less of that modelesque sex appeal and more of that “genuineness vibe” that was severely lacking with Ukrainian women. It’s as though there’s a hidden formula at work: the hotter the woman, the more transaction is the relationship and the less attractive is her personality. 

Since Polish women aren’t as attractive as Ukrainian women, they mostly make it up with their more pleasant personalities.

Being more Western (geographically, if not in mentality), Polish women are also less overall materialistic than Ukrainian women. It’s like how Prague was a paradise back in the 2000s for men, but now it’s just another developed capital and your dollars aren’t going to do much for the women. It’s the exact thing in Poland. Unlike Ukraine and Russia, there’s no such as “mail-order brides” where you can meet a Polish girl on the Internet and bring her over to your rich country. Poland is in the EU, so they can, for example, visit and stay indefinitely in wealthy countries like the UK and Denmark without any problems.

Compare that to Ukraine and Russia where most women are still very materialistic and won’t hesitate to accept sponsorship opportunities for expensive travel to foreign destinations or just other, similar propositions. There’s a reason that most Western men choose to come to Ukraine and Russia instead of countries such as Poland or the Czech Republic.

Polish girls are very nurturing, something that I found lacking in Ukraine as a result of all this transactional and materialistic mindset. Out of all the majority of the Polish women I dated, I would definitely rely on many of them to nurse me back to health if needed.

Sex and relationships

When it comes to sex and relationships, things have been pretty much across the board. On one hand, Polish women have a fairly easygoing mentality that’s very similar to other Western women. I have had plenty of first dates that ended with her going back to my place. But I’ve also had plenty of dates with girls that were more relationship-minded and sleeping with them on the first date wasn’t an option.

The kind of Polish girl you meet, whether it’s for easy sex or relationships will depend on several factors. First of all, women in big cities tend to be more “open-minded” and “easy-going.” That means sex happens faster, say, in Warsaw than in some little village near the Baltic sea. What kind of family and friends she has also played a big role. A girl from a broken family will most likely be sluttier in an effort to capture male attention compared with a girl from a happy family where all her psychological needs were properly met.

Hypothesizing aside, many of the Polish girls I met were indeed relationship material, so if that’s what you want, you will find quality women who’re looking to settle down and even have kids in Poland.

Where to meet Polish women

One of the best things about Poland and Polish women is how approachable they are. In Ukraine, women become very guarded when you approach them, but in Poland, it’s almost like women expect you to approach them. Most of my approaches were welcomed regardless if they were direct or indirect. I think that only in a few instances were the women not receptive to my approach or ignored me outright. For the most part, approaching Polish women has been an overwhelmingly positive experience.

My preferred approach method has been to approach women in cafes, especially when a girl was sitting alone and reading a book or working on her laptop. This has worked well for me all over Poland, especially in the big cities and the girl had moved from smaller cities to study/work there.

The nightlife

Compared to Ukraine, which has a reputation of subpar and even confusing nightlife, Polish nightlife is similar to other Central European cities in a sense that it’s very American style where people don’t just go out to hang out with the people they know, but actually looking to hook up with someone new.

Whereas in the Balkans and other more conservative regions, people go out in big groups and tend to stay in their groups, in Poland, it’s very common to see small groups of women partying and drinking, hoping to meet guys for some fun. 

Basically, if you don’t mind going out in a semi-Western nation (Central Europe is more or less Western, without that UK or American brashness), you’re not going to have much of a problem meeting women who are down for some fun—even the very same night.

Meeting women online

If you’re not comfortable with approaching women directly in the wild, there’s always the option of meeting women online. While a true and tested method is Tinder, there are plenty of other websites where you can meet higher quality women that are more suitable for relationships and family.

One such website is Cupid, one of the largest network of dating sites in the world with thousands of single women ready to meet a new man. Over on the Russian Cupid, you can find lots of Russian women, but also plenty of Polish women that are both sexy and high quality, whether you’re interested in a casual fling or a relationship and a family.

If you’re having trouble finding the woman of your dreams over at Russian Cupid, then I recommend you check out International Cupid as well that contains tons of high-quality Polish women that are waiting to meet their man.

Where to stay in Poland

When it comes to having a base in Poland, you essentially have two options: big cities or small cities. Although I’m more of a fan of bigger cities, I have to admit that bigger Polish cities are mostly overrun by foreigners—especially thirsty Spanish guys—so you will have more competition than if you go to one of the smaller cities that aren’t yet on the sex tourists’ country circuit.

The problem with smaller cities, however, is that women tend to be more traditional and aren’t totally keen on foreign men or fast sex (if that’s what you’re looking for). While in a city like Warsaw, women are used to be approached on the street, in some small village, a girl will be more confused when you approach her out of the blue because approaching random strangers isn’t very common.

If you have the time and opportunity, I would suggest you experiment with living in big and small cities and see which lifestyle and women suit you best. I know for many of my friends moving to some small Polish town in the middle of nowhere would be too much of a compromise to make even if that means having better luck with the local women.

When to come to Poland

Poland is in Central Europe (bordering Eastern Europe) and that means hot summers alternated by cold winters. It gets fairly cold in the winter with snow pretty much every winter. The flip side is that there are fewer tourists to compete for women. Around the end of April, temperatures start to rise and they stay that way until around the end of September. During that time, you will have more opportunities to meet women in the outdoor cafes or just casually walking around on the street.

I’ve personally stayed in Poland during the cold winter months as well as during the hot summer months, and I while I prefer warmer weather, I must admit there’s a certain charm in Poland during the quieter winter months. It allowed me to get more work done (I work remotely) and be the odd tourist in town when all the other tourists are scared of the snow.

Final thoughts

I’ve said all that I need to say, so I really hope that you’ve gotten plenty of value from my experience on the ground and now have a better idea of whether to make Poland your next destination for fun, wife- and relationship-seeking or outright debauchery.

While Polish women are sexy and attractive in their own right, they’re mostly overshadowed by their neighbors to the east, thus, a good tagline for Polish women might be something like this: Polish Women: When You Get Sick And Tired of Ukrainian Women And All The Games They Play.

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