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The Curious Case Of The Ultra Feminine Woman

Femininity is much more than meets the eye. While it may seem like a simple concept at first, it’s actually much more complicated and multidimensional. Generally speaking, femininity exists almost everywhere. Brazilian women are extremely feminine. So are Colombian and Romanian women. Even in America, the land of feminism and the “independent woman,” I’ve been told (by sources who shall remain anonymous) that there are also feminine women, perhaps in the South or the Midwest, at least as far away as possible from the big liberal cities on West and East coasts.
What is an uber-feminine woman? Think about a typical feminine woman. She has feminine polarity. She emits wonderful feminine energy. She respects and doesn’t challenge your masculinity. She wants you to take charge and make decisions. She loves wearing sexy dresses and high heels. She expects you to pay for everything, at least initially. That’s femininity.
Now take all these qualities and multiply them by 100 and what you get is the uber-feminine woman. The uber-feminine woman is absolutely gorgeous. She wears the latest threads and never leaves the house without high heels. She always expects you to pay for everything, never lifting a finger when the check arrives; a corollary of this is that she won’t go with you just about anywhere, so forget about a date on a city park’s bench. She must always go somewhere special to “see and be seen,” like an exclusive restaurant or a club. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and there’s no such thing as free uber-femininity.
Most of you are probably thinking that what I’m actually describing is a regular woman who happens to be beautiful. I’m not. An uber-feminine woman is different from a pretty woman. Many women are beautiful, but few of them are uber-feminine. As you’ll see below, an uber-feminine woman is like an exotic fish that can only be found in a unique environment.

Conditions for the existence of the uber-feminine woman

An uber-feminine woman exists in environments when all of the following seven conditions are met:

Poor economic conditions

The uber-feminine woman is a direct byproduct of her cultural and economic environment. Economically, the region needs to be in a depressed state with a high income disparity. Only when you have a small amount of people with lots of money at the top, a small to non-existent middle class, and lots of poverty down below, can you create a breeding ground for an uber-feminine woman.
Only outside the West can you discover such an environment. There’re corrupt Latin American countries with huge wage disparities; Brazil has one of the highest in the world. Eastern Europe is also a region with a huge income disparity. That explains why there are uber-feminine women in countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Russia.
Poor economic conditions are one of the key factors that differentiates an uber-feminine woman from a regular pretty woman. There are can be no uber-feminine women when you have hard currency, clean streets and buses that always run on time. While there are plenty of pretty women in New York or Switzerland, they’re not uber-feminine.

Great economic windfall for men with the right connections

While there’re poor economic opportunities for the masses, there are fabulous ways to get rich for a few lucky men who have connections to low people in high places. This is usually the case in countries blessed with lots of natural resources instead of developed economies that derive most of its GDP from services like high tech consulting.
Colombia makes and markets cocaine, so if you’re a drug kingpin, you have access to a wide array of uber-feminine women. Russia is the world’s second largest producer of oil and gas. So, if you happened to know Mr. Putin personally, you will get amazingly wealthy and uber-feminine women will be knocking on your door.
In egalitarian places like Sweden or Switzerland that don’t have much natural resources and no accompanying corruption, you have egalitarian women. These women aren’t exceptionally feminine simply because they don’t need to be.

Little to no economic mobility

Not only do you need to have poor economic conditions, but there also needs to be little to no economic mobility. This prevents the citizens from easily escaping economic hardships by moving to a richer country with more opportunities.
Although there are many poor countries around the world, some of them allow their citizens to freely travel to other countries with better potential. Lithuania and Latvia are relatively poor ex-Soviet Union countries, but since they’re members of the EU, their citizens can freely travel, work and live anywhere within the 27 states that make the union. As a result, many Lithuanian and Latvian citizens have duly emigrated to other parts of the continent, like the UK or Denmark. Even many Latin Americans like Brazilians and Colombians now have visa-free access to rich Western countries.
This isn’t the case in Eastern Europe. Ukrainian and Russian citizens need a visa to visit most countries in the world, except former Soviet Union, some Latin American countries, and perhaps a few African countries. They cannot easily immigrate (or even visit) to rich countries with lots of economic potential like Germany, USA, Canada, etc.

No government handouts

In many of the world’s rich countries, there are welfare programs that provide generous handouts to various groups like the unemployed, minorities, immigrants, women on maternity leave, etc. Scandinavian countries immediately come to mind. I spent a year in Denmark, and virtually everyone there receives some kind of a handout from the government. The unemployed people don’t have much incentive to find a job because they already have a great “salary” that doesn’t motivate them to work too much.
Thus, it’s no surprise that there are no uber-feminine women in Denmark. An uber-feminine woman wouldn’t stay uber-feminine for long if she’s getting a fat government subsidy every two weeks. She’s uber-feminine because that’s what attracts a successful man, but that’s no longer necessary if she’s getting free money from the government.
Outside the wealthy West, things are very different. In Eastern Europe, every man (and woman) must fend for themselves. It’s truly a dog eat dog society. They must earn every single cent. Thus, women are forced to “market” themselves the best way they can. Even if a woman is intelligent and capable, it’s difficult for her to progress the corporate ladder in a male-dominated society. Fortunately, if a woman is uber-feminine, she can make ends meet using other ways.

Exceptional beauty of women

An uber-feminine woman must not only be feminine and beautiful: she needs to be exceptionally beautiful. Regular beauty just doesn’t cut it. When you have a country with poor economic conditions resulting in a society with a huge income inequality, you have a competitive environment where there are lots of very beautiful women who’re battling for a small share of the country’s oligarchs at the top.
An uber-feminine woman must not only be beautiful, but she also needs to have a goddess stature and overflowing confidence: she needs to be uber-confident. Being tall and statuesque doesn’t hurt. Everything about her screams, “try to handle me if you can.”
Her overarching goal is to attract a capable (and rich) mate, so if she’s not beautiful or sexy or feminine, then she’ll have a hard time attracting her sugar daddy.

Strong gender roles

There can be no femininity and uber-femininity without the corresponding masculinity. Femininity is capital. It needs to be nurtured and appreciated. It would be downright pointless for a woman to act feminine if no one appreciates her femininity in the first place.
For instance, Scandinavia is a region where there’s a complete lack of defined gender roles. Women wear running shoes and strange dresses that resemble a beach blanket and guys are perfectly content with it. What would an uber-feminine woman do there? The answer: nothing. She would feel like a fish out of water.

Male/female deficit

Last but not least, an uber-feminine woman exists only where there’s a certain “male/female deficit.” What I mean by this is that the women need to be sexually hungrier than the men. For instance, Brazilian women are gorgeous who look like they’re about to rip off your clothes any minute, but Brazilian guys are super aggressive who rarely take a no for an answer. Thus, they are able to “meet the demand” of the women. There’s no “male/female deficit” in Brazil (and other Latin countries). There’s no need for uber-feminity if regular feminity is enough.
Eastern Europe is a region with a certain male/female deficit. In places like Ukraine and Russia, local guys aren’t as aggressive, yet the women are just as beautiful and sexy as Brazilians. Many Ukrainians and Russian women end up marrying foreigners. One reason for this is due to the poor economic conditions (see point 1); women from poorer countries want to marry a guy from a richer country and migrate to a place with more opportunities. But then again I’ve also heard on more than one occasion Ukrainian women complaining that “their men don’t appreciate them.” This doesn’t happen in Brazil, Colombia or Spain.


In my experience, an overwhelming percentage of the world’s uber-feminine women have been sighted in Eastern Europe, specifically in Russia and Ukraine. Eastern Europe is a region that provides the perfect socio-economic fertile ground where uber-femininity not only exists but thrives.
To a lesser extent, Latin America countries, particularly Colombia—a land of super macho guys, great “natural resources” to market at home and abroad and gorgeous women—are also blessed with uber-feminine women. Who knows, maybe they also exist in oil-rich Nigeria.

Special handling

Since an uber-feminine isn’t your typical girl next door, she requires special handling. She requires you to be a real man and have a strong masculine frame. A man who’s tough, strong and capable. A man who makes decisions quickly. A man who has adrenaline gushing out of his veins. A man who’s ready to summon his troops and conquer the world. A man with a seemingly unlimited bank roll. But sometimes even all that might not be enough.
Everything is good in moderation and an uber-feminine woman is no exception. Because she’s so feminine, she knows how to use her feminine charm to use or con other men. She’s also more vain and conceited than other women, caring too much about her experience, her ego and her state instead of reflecting on the man’s needs.
We all value femininity, but, as you’ll eventually learn, it’s actually possible for a woman to be too feminine. So much so, that she’s almost like a separate entity, a walking sex symbol, a brand that’s ready to be prepackaged, publicized, monetized and sold, instead of someone with whom you can build a deep emotional connection. Is the uber-feminine woman for you? That depends.