Why You Care About Things That Don’t Matter

I was recently having a conversation with a friend. She was recounting a bad experience in a store. She was standing in a checkout line when a woman in another line next to her suddenly gave her a dirty look, and offered the woman who was standing behind my friend a chance to cut in… Read More

5 Simple Rules That Will Make You A Much Better Man

Be Punctual One of my nagging problems has been showing up late to various events. I show up late to flights (almost missed an important and expensive flight a couple of times). I show up late to doctor’s appointments. I show up late to BJJ trainings. I show up late to dates. I show up late… Read More

Does Meeting Women Online Make You Less Of A Man?

About eleven years ago, I was getting ready to embark on my first trip to Asia. The destination was Thailand, a country I wanted to visit for a while. As usual, I was going completely alone. As I was finalizing my plans, I curiously hopped on one of the international dating sites and met a Thai… Read More

The Male Hunger For Endless Shallow Relationships Is A Symptom Of A Fundamentally Broken Society


Kiev, Ukraine When I walk around cities of countries which are known for having extremely beautiful women, one of the things I always ponder is why the local guys aren’t busy hitting on local women on the streets, coffee shops, or other places during the day. I’ve visited and lived in many countries with extremely gorgeous… Read More

The Lone Man In The Castle

When you start out traveling as a conduit to general self-improvement, your goals are simple: discovering new lands, meeting new people, learning new things and figuring out how all of that ties together. A by-product of that is that you learn how to become much more social and interesting with just about everyone. Travel helps you… Read More

How To Apply The 80/20 Rule To Your Dating Life

There was a time in my life when my approach to women was, well, consisted of nothing but lots and lots of approaches. I’ve always had aggression and killer instincts which I had no problem channeling into obtaining the women I’ve desired. Over time, I began noticing interesting patterns that have forced me to alter my… Read More

My Exclusive Interview On Return of Kings

Earlier this week, I sat down with author and philosopher Quintus Curtius and chatted a little bit about everything. We spoke about Barcelona, Eastern Europe, masculinity, being a slave to the game, the strategically lazy mindset, marriage, religion and more. There’s a little bit for just about everyone. The interview was published on Return of Kings,… Read More

The Damaging Effects Of “The Numbers Game” Mindset

Some time ago, when I was living in Brazil, I was having a conversation with an American friend who was also living in Rio de Janeiro. We were sitting on the famous Ipanema beach and talking about our adventures in one of the most amazing and exotic cities in the world. He loved women and had the balls… Read More

Exercise The Power To Control Your State, Reality And Self

A friend emailed me the other day. He was in a crappy mood. He’s a long time member of a particular tech forum and a certain discussion caught his attention. He got involved and proposed an alternative way of solving a particular problem. The more established members didn’t like his response and ushered a wave of criticism… Read More

How A Nice Guy Can Stay Nice And Still Get What He Wants

Back in 2006, I was watching the World Cup cup match between Croatia and some other team at my work’s cafeteria. Croatia was losing, but my colleague, an older Indian guy remained hopeful. He liked the Croatian team and told me to not write them off just yet. “They might not be the best team,… Read More