How The Rise of Internet Celebrities Is Changing Human Relationships

One of my friends is friends on Facebook with a young Colombian girl. She’s around 22 or 23-years-old. She’s cute. Though, you can spare your compliments: she already knows it very well. Every hour or so she posts a new picture on Facebook. Most of these pictures are just regular pictures of her on the beach, at… Read More

Unraveling The Myth Of The Alpha Male

I have a friend here in Barcelona. His name is Lacho. He’s originally from Mexico City but has been living in Spain for over six years. The way he speaks immediately reveals his background; he uses the familiar Mexican slang interspersed with the Spanish staccato. He’s short, only around 5’6 (167cm). He’s also skinny, not weighing… Read More

The Plight Of The Western Man

While researching the Westernization of the world, I stumbled on a very interesting article called “Jihad vs. McWorld” [1]. It was written back in 1992, right after the fall of Soviet Union. It talks about the rise of two opposing forces which are shaping the modern world. The first force is the rise of a… Read More

How To Survive And Thrive In A Politically Correct Society

Catalunya, Spain I’ve been spending my summer months in northern Spain (Barcelona and the surrounding areas), and I’m loving the fantastic weather and food. Since it’s a southern European country, things are done more “informally” here. This extends to all kinds of human interactions including conversations. That means that, among other things, a man can… Read More

Why Eastern Europe Will Soon Completely Disappear

Barcelona, Spain When I lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, one of my good friends was a Brazilian guy from Espírito Santo, a state just to the northeast of Rio de Janeiro. While he certainly looked Brazilian, he didn’t act like a typical Brazilian. For starters, he spoke fluent English with an American accent. He… Read More

Killing Your Inner Philosopher

Barcelona, Spain I’m very lucky that my place here in Barcelona is on the top floor of a building. The apartment has access to a huge terrace (basically the whole roof). When you’re on the roof, you have great views of not only the main square below but also the famous La Sagrada Familia building.… Read More

My New Book: The Way of the Maverick

I’m happy to announce that my new book, The Way of the Maverick, is finally out. From the book’s introduction page: The Way of the Maverick is a 247-page brain dump of all my knowledge and wisdom from confronting and slaying all kinds of dilemmas, doubts, uncertainties, obstacles and hurdles on my own road to greatness. Every doubt, every uncertainty, every… Read More

The Way of the Maverick

[Update: The book has been released. Click here for more info.] It was 3:30 in the morning. Pitch black outside. A typically hot and muggy night in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I was wide awake. I couldn’t sleep. I was lying in bed with my laptop comfortably resting on my lap. The browser was open… Read More