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Don’t Build A Startup, Just Make Money

As soon as someone finds out that I spent closer to a decade in Silicon Valley while working at all kinds of companies, large and small, a question that I immediately get asked is whether I have any plans to return to Silicon Valley and create my own startup. In fact,...
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Thailand, India and The Reluctant Return To The West

If there’s one thing that being a nomadic entrepreneur for the last ten years has taught me is that you’re either in the “work mode” or “tourist/relaxing mode.” My several months living in Chiang Mai were purely in the work mode. I...
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Why Thailand Has The Greatest Entrepreneurial Culture In The World

Chiang Mai, Thailand I have a small problem. My problem is that no matter how hard I try, I simply can’t, to the best of my ability, consider Thailand as a third world country. I can understand that if you’ve never been to Thailand or you are some academic than I...
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The Death Of Neoliberalism

United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union. I believe the people of UK made the right choice. In this article, I want to discuss the reasons behind UK’s decision and what this means going forward for other countries as well as the world. As someone who’s...
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The Rise Of The Parallel Nomadic Entrepreneur Economy

When choosing a city to live, an important criteria is the ability to work and create capital. This means the city needs to have fast Internet, have a nice coffee shop culture and be relatively safe so that I’m not worried someone will come and take my laptop...
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