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Colombian Women vs Brazilian Women

by James
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Before we begin by talking about the differences between the people and the women it’s helpful to talk about the actual country so that you have a good grasp of the underlying foundation. Columbia and Brazil are both South American countries. 

Columbia is located in the northern part of the continent bordering countries such as Venezuela, Panama and Peru and also Brazil. The official language in Columbia is Spanish. 

Brazil is the largest country in South America and borders every single other South American country except Chile. The official language in Brazil is Portuguese.


Let’s begin our comparison by talking about the luxe which is obviously something that you’re gonna be concerned with from the beginning. This is one of the main differences between Columbia and Brazilian women and is definitely going to dictate what kind of women you are going to be more attracted to.

Colombia is your quintessential Latin American country when you think about Latin America. This is what you should be thinking about because even if you have never been to Latin America just thinking about what is a typical Latin American country Colombia is definitely going to be at the top of the list. In Columbia the main language is Spanish. And depending on where you are in the country you’re going to have been dealing with different kinds of people.

And the fact the Spanish spoken in Columbia is so clear that a lot of people who want to learn Spanish are recommended to go study Spanish in cities like Bogota and Medellin.

Colombian women are also extremely beautiful. In the capital of Bogota they are mostly Light skins but as you go towards some of the other regions such as Medellin or Cali the women are going to be more approachable.

The women are going to be darker in the skin tone and have a slightly different appearance. They’ll still be as sexy as always. I know when it comes to Brazil things are very very different.

In my view Brazil is one of the most exotic countries in the world and the country there is greatly depending on exactly where you are. In Rio de Janeiro the women are a mix between European ancestry indigenous and other races with a straw in it so for the most part they are going to be olive skinned.

As you head south the women are going to be more European. Are they going to be lighter skin? For instance in São Paulo, one of the biggest cities in the world and Brazil’s largest city a lot of the people living there have Italian ancestry.

Interesting is Porto Alegre in the South where most of the population is even blonde and blue-eyed. As you head north towards the states such as Bahia or even more you’re going to have people that are darker for instance in the state of Bahia you would find people to be truly quintessential Brazilian.

Thus, not only do Brazilian women differ greatly from their Colombian counterparts but they vary greatly depending on where you are in the country.


Next let’s talk about personality but when it comes to Colombian and Brazilian women. Colombian women are your quintessential Latin American women they’re sexy, they love to dance salsa, they’re very very affectionate but they can also get very jealous, very emotional and can throw fits whenever they do not get their way.

That is all part of the package of dating in Columbia. I cannot say that Brazilian women vary drastically when it comes to personality. Some say they also act like Latin women in the sense of sexiness, jealousy and other various characteristics.

One thing is for certain both Colombian and Brazilian women would do absolutely anything to please their man and make the man feel truly like a real man provided the force that the man stays a man admits his masculine energy and provides an environment where the woman feels safe and secure.

That is in stark contrast with the gender in balance is that we are currently experiencing in countries such as the United States, Canada and many other western countries.

Long term potential

It is my belief that both Colombian and Brazilian women have the potential to become trustworthy and long-term partners if that is something that you were looking for. Both Colombian and Brazilian women are loyal, passionate and will stand by your man come hell or high water.

Do they like foreigners?

Now let’s talk about whether Colombian and Brazilian women are open to dating foreigners. Since that is going to be the main issue you are going to be facing as a foreigner in either of the countries. Now here is where it gets a little bit more complicated. The fact of the matter is that you’re going to be perceived differently as a foreigner as opposed to being a local in either Columbia or Brazil.

In Brazil there’s even a special term that Brazilians call people that are not Brazilian or even Latin American they call these people gringos. In Columbia you might not. And so when it comes to Brazil they’re really two types of women they’re the women who like Pringles and they’re the women whore

Now when it comes to Brazil you were going to find two types of women the first side is open to dating gringos as well as dating their own kind and the second type or the women who are not open today in Gringos and only day the wrong kind my suggestion and advice is to simply go for the women that are open to dating both types of people.

In Columbia you will probably deal with the same thing but it has been my experience that the stigma of being a foreigner is not as bad in Colombia as compared to Brazil. Of course, having said all that, your experience will obviously depend on where in Brazil or Columbia you go and what kind of people you’re interacting with.

Of dating a Colombian or Brazilian woman is whether she has spent much time abroad if she did then she is probably open to dating other people but he’s the only country that has she has lived in all her life is her home country then things are going to be a little bit trickier

That is why as a foreigner and you were looking to meet women you should be spending a lot of time in places such as bars clubs restaurants where there is interactions with other foreigners so in expat communities expert gatherings places like that you can but the woman you were going to be meeting are going to be open to dating foreigners as opposed to going to lots of house parties where you were going to be the only foreigner in and everybody is going to be looking strangely at you.

Final thoughts

And that about wraps up our comparison of Brazilian and Colombian women. I will go on and say that the woman or a different day for the most part look different although at first glance you might think that they’re very similar. But the good news is that whoever you decide to choose where the weather is gonna be Brazilian or Colombian women you are guaranteed to find a very very good partner and have a great time.

My only suggestion is that you spend an adequate amount of time in each of the countries and then go on and decide for yourself. That is what I have done and this allows me to have a very unbiased perspective of each country’s pluses and minuses.

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